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Tipton Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rods

Tipton Deluxe Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rod

Carbon fiber is well-suited to the tough tasks assigned to cleaning rods. It combines the best features of stainless steel and coated cleaning rods, then adds valuable properties of its own. Stainless steel rods can scratch or wear barrels if they're used carelessly - though they won't pick up potentially damaging small abrasive particles. "Coated" rods get part of the job done - they keep the stainless steel shaft from damaging your barrel's rifling, but the coating will pick up small abrasive particles, which means you're effectively running fine-grit sandpaper through your bore. Carbon fiber rods are the best of both: the carbon fiber can't scratch your bore like stainless steel, and they won't embed like coated rods. Plus, Carbon Fiber rods can be bent to an extreme degree and return to their original straightness. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, US military armorers called on Tipton to provide cleaning rods that would clean service rifles in demanding conditions. It made sense to us: Carbon fiber is an ideal material for cleaning rods. We call these cleaning rods "deluxe" because they feature an ergonomically designed handle that spins on two sets of ball bearings - the result is a cleaning rod that smoothly follows the rifling both pushing and pulling, even while under pressure. The "shank-through" construction also allows the user to apply "reasonable" hammer blows to the end of the cleaning rod to get a tight patch through a bore. Available in four diameters and six lengths to fit most rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Rifle and handgun rods are threaded for 8-32 accessories, except 17 caliber and 20 caliber rods which are threaded 5-40. Shotgun rods are threaded 5/16"-27.


Tipton Deluxe Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rods








17 Caliber (dia. .158”)   ti-146468 ti-107486        
20 Caliber (dia. .189”)       ti-175401      
22 - 26 Caliber (dia. .208”) ti-658675 ti-216411 ti-430886 ti-182978 ti-783485    
27 - 45 Caliber (dia. .250”) ti-303569 ti-376252 ti-720747 ti-413662 ti-509320 ti-751235  
40+ Caliber (dia. .375”)     ti-654574   ti-189446    
50 BMG (dia. .375”)             ti-157379
Shotgun (dia. .375”)     ti-713415        




 Tipton Rod Rack

Want to organize and keep all your cleaning rods handy? The Tipton Cleaning Rod Rack will hold a wide variety of cleaning rods in various shapes and sizes. Accommodates up to six rods plus has hanging hooks on either end for additional accessories. The Rod Rack even has molded in bumpers designed for securing T-handle rods. Constructed of a durable molded material. Mounting holes and screws included.



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