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Is there a Lee quick trim die for .357sig? If not could a 40 S&W die be used?
Wilbur[ 29/11/2017 ]
Compatibilité d'accessoires sur lee breech lock pro
Can i put the Lee perfect powder measure on the New lee breech lock pro?
Wilfrid[ 11/06/2018 ]
  • Unfortunately Lee Precision does not have a way to mount the Lee 90058 Perfect Powder Measure on a press. It is bench mount only.
    FS Relolading Staff[ 12/06/2018 ]
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I'm always shopping on your site, I'd like you to give me a discount coupon if it's possible thank you.
Anonymous[ 26/10/2017 ]
Lee Precision Anniversary Kit vs. Breech Lock Challenger Kit
Anonymous[ 24/10/2017 ]
  • The Lee Anniversary kit and Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit will work for both rifle and pistol cartridges. The main difference is the way in which cases are primed. The Lee Anniversary kit is for those who prefer to prime on the press (typically customers reloading handgun cartridges since there is minimal case conditioning required). The Lee Breech Lock Challenger press is for those who prefer to prime off the press using the Lee Auto-Prime XR (typically customers reloading rifle cartridges since cases need to be trimmed).

    These kits are designed to be "Generic" kits, to which you will add the appropriate die set(s) for the cartridge(s) you wish to reload. 

    For rifle calibers, you should also add the appropriate Lee Case Length Gauge and Shell Holder to go with the case trimming tools included in the kit. Pistol cases seldom need to be trimmed as they generally wear out before they need to be trimmed. However, we stock Lee Case Length Gauge and Shell Holder sets for those people who want the extra peace of mind.

    FS Reloading Customer Support[ 24/10/2017 ]
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Proper case lubrication and frequency of lubrication

Anonymous[ 24/10/2017 ]
  • When full length sizing cases in non-carbide dies, it is necessary to properly lubricate the case and the inside of the case neck so that it will not get stuck during resizing into the steel die. With a properly lubed case, Lee's Reloader Press or Breech Lock Hand Press will easily accomplish proper resizing of even the largest of magnum cases.

    If you are resizing rifle or handgun cases in a steel die, you should lube every case. If you are sizing pistol cases in a Lee carbide die, lube every 25th case or so to make resizing easier.

    Using some Lee resizing lubricant, spread a small amount around the case below the shoulder so that there is a thin film. With the small amount of film that remains on your finger, "scrape" some into the inside of the case neck. Even though it's only on one side of the inside case neck, resize the case. Additional cases that have had the same procedure ensures that the decapper / expander inside the sizing die is properly lubricated. This method is far easier and faster than using the many utensils meant to completely coat the inside of the case neck.

    Although you are not required to lube cases for use in carbide dies, we have found that if you just briefly roll the cases around in a cloth that has a light amount of oil on it, the increased ease of case sizing is very noticeable.

    FS Reloading Customer Support[ 24/10/2017 ]
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How do I reload Berdan primed cases?

Anonymous[ 24/10/2017 ]
  • Only Boxer primed cases can be reloaded using Lee Precision tools.  Boxer primed cases can be identified by a single centrally located flash hole in the primer pocket.  Berdan primed cases have two or more smaller diameter flash holes located off center, and can not be reloaded with Lee tools.
    FS Reloading Customer Support[ 24/10/2017 ]
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