FS Reloading Blogs

FS Reloading Newsletter Schedule

Every newsletter should include the following items:

  1. Specail offer of the week
  2. FS Reloading Company news
  3. Industry news taken from NSSF Bullet Points, NRA and similar sources
  4. A call to action like "Quantities are limited, don't miss out, order yours today!"

Newsletters should include the following extra sections as needed.

  1. Message from Greg
  2. New product announcements taken from manufacturer newsletters and web sites.

Special offers can take many forms including:

  1. Percent discount 
  2. Specific dollar discount 
  3. Free shipping
  4. Free product
  5. Gift certificate for future purchase. 

Various condtitions can be applied to special offers including:

  1. Orders placed during a specificed time. $10 off all orders placed before midnight tonight.
  2. Orders exceeding a certain dollar amount. For example: $25 gift certificate with all orders over $300.
  3. Limited to certain products. For example: Free shipping on all clearance items.
  4. Limited to certain manufacturers. For example: 10% off all Frankford Arsenal products.
  5. Linked to certain products. For example: Free matching ammo box with each die set.
  6. Conditions can be combined. For example: Free shipping on all clearance items ordered before midnight tonight.


  • Each section should be short—no more than 2 paragraphs.
    If more than 2 paragraphs is required for a particular story, that story should be published as an XCMS article referenced in the newsletter.
  • The newsletter title should be a one-line teaser based on the special offer of the week that will catch customer's attention and draw them to read the newsletter.
  • This annual publication plan for FS Reloading Newsletters assumes 1 newsletter per week published on Thursday each week in order to reach customers in time to stimulate weekend purchases.


Newsletter Title Publication Date Special Offer of the Week
   November 28, 2013  
   December 5, 2013  
   December 12, 2013  
   December 19, 2013  
   December 26, 2013  
   January 2, 2014  
   January 9, 2014  
   January 16, 2014  
   January 23, 2014  
   January 30, 2014  


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