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Case Conditioning Tools

CASE Conditioning TOOLS

 Lee Precision Bulge Buster

Lee Precision Bulge Buster

Lee Precision Bulge Buster Kit
With the Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die, the Bulge Buster will repair the following rimless cases: 

  • 380 ACP
  • 40 S&W
  • 45 ACP
  • 45 Winchester Mag
  • 10mm
  • 41 AE
  • 45 GAP

Assure your mixed brass is bulge free with the Bulge Buster Kit and appropriate Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die. This push through die adapter will quickly remove the annoying bulge rings that shell holder constrained dies simply cant reach. The Bulge Buster Kit includes extension sleeve, push through punch, catch container and complete instructions. And its fast--you can reprocess your cases as quickly as you can handle them.


After a case has been loaded a few times, it will stretch beyond maximum length and must be trimmed. The Cutter and Lock Stud works for all calibers. You will need only one. The Case Length Gauge (Pilot) and Shell Holder must be ordered as Case Length numbers.Trim cases by hand or electrically. Can be used with an electric drill to trim, chamfer and polish cases faster. Eliminates danger of long cases. Squares the mouth for more accurate bullet seating and exit.

For safety sake, trim your cases
Lee Precision Case Trimmer in use

The simplest way to check the case and trim to the correct safe length is with a Lee Precision Case Trimmer.
Lock StudLock Stud
Shell HolderShellholder
Case Length GaugeCase Length Gauge

 Case Length Tools



Chamfer Tool Must be used after Case Trimming. Unique design cuts fast without chatter. One turn does the job. Chamfers and deburs inside and outside of case necks. Can also be used to remove the crimp from primer pockets of G.I. brass. Works better than tools costing several times as much.

Primer Pocket Cleaner

Double ended design cleans both large and small primer pockets. Primers can be fully seated for better accuracy and safety. Costs so little and works so well, no reloader can afford to be without one.

Lee Precision Decapping DieLee Precision Decapping Die 

An absolute must for those who clean cases before reloading. Cases need not be clean nor lubed when using this die. Guaranteed unbreakable decapper easily removes crimped in primers. One size fits all.

Decapper and Base

Easily removes crimped in primers from military cases. Guaranteed unbreakable.

Replacement Decapper Pin


Lee Precision Zip TrimLee Precision Zip Trim

Trimming cases is a fact of life if you reload rifle cases. This task has always been accomplished with tools that require one to hand crank a cutter or resort to an expensive electric unit. The Zip Trim changes the way reloaders prepare cases for reloading. The Zip trim rotates the case like a lathe. This allows you to trim, chamfer and polish your case without having to remove the case from the tool. Other trimmers hold the case fixed and rotate the cutter. What really makes the Zip Trim unique is the crank has been thrown away and is replaced with a recoil mechanism like you would find on a small engine. One pull of the Zip Trim cord quickly trims the longest case and just part of a pull chamfers the case mouth. If you like shinny cases touch the spinning case with steel wool or polishing cloth and you get an instant jewel like finish on your case.

Cutter with Ball GripCutter with Ball Grip

The perfect cutter to use with the Lee Precision Zip trim


Three Jaw ChuckThree Jaw Chuck

Three Jaw Chuck works with any case from 25Acp. to the largest belted magnums. Three hardened steel jaws gently center the case while the spindle squares and locks the case head. Cases are installed and removed with a fraction of a turn.


Case Spinner Stud

Optional case spinner spindle with drill shank for use with the Three Jaw chuck, turns any electric drill into a high speed case polisher/lathe. Also works great to hold cases for neck turning or trimming.


Specify Caliber From List Of Sizes.

Unlisted case length gauges can be custom-made for $15. Case length and bullet diameter are needed. This service is available factory direct only if the case head fits an existing shell holder.

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