Lee Precision Collet Die Only .260 Remington

The Lee Precision .260 Remington Collet Die preserves the perfect fit of your fire-formed cases by sizing just the neck of your cases, thus ensuring greater consistency, accuracy and increased case life. Neck-sized cases can last up to ten times longer than full length sized cases.

These results are achieved by using a collet to squeeze the case neck against a precision formed mandrel which creates a precisely aligned case neck with greatly reduced run-out. Neck sizing should only be used with cases that will be fired in the same gun. Neck sizing is not recommended for autoloaders, slide or lever action guns. If you need to load cartridges that will be fired in multiple, different guns, in autoloaders or slide or lever action guns, you should choose a full-length sizing die.


  • Steel Collet Neck Sizing Die
  • Custom fit plastic storage container


  • Fits .260 Remington.
  • Extends case life by sizing just the case neck.
  • Provides greater accuracy by preserving the fire-formed fit of your cases to your gun.


  • No lubrication needed for case neck sizing.
  • Not recommend for autoloaders, slide or lever action guns.
  • Neck-sized cases can only be used in the gun in which they were previously fired.

?Photo Note:

Die is shown with cutaway to reveal internal construction. Brass case in photo is for illustration purposes only and is not included.

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Lee Precision Collet Die Only .260 Remington

Brand: Lee Precision
Product Code: 91008
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MSRP: $26.98
MPN: 91008
Alt MPN: 80110-9
Material: Steel
Thread Size: 7/8"-14
Condition: new
Country of Origin: United States
Package Quantity: 1
UPC: 7343079100824
Shipping Restrictions: No
Carrier Restrictions: No
DOT Regulated: No
Calibers: .260 Remington
Language: Engllish

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