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Direct Link Incident Bulletins are sent weekly with information about situations that affect postal distribution world wide. Direct Link Incident Bulletins are published here by permission from Direct Link. Thanks to Direct Link for this valuable service. 

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Send electronic shipping instructions (EDI)

Generate electronic shipping instructions (EDI) for parcels and pallets for a faster and simpler service. This helps us to maintain higher quality and delivery reliability in all our services for you.

Send your shipping instructions to Direct Link/PostNord. These instructions will contain all details of the shipment(s). Information can be sent via our API or as an EDI file (XML or EDIFACT format). Direct Link/PostNord must receive the shipping instructions before the shipments physically arrive at one of our sorting terminals.

Printing platforms/systems

You can also use one of Direct Link’s approved and complete printing platforms/systems. Listed below are partners enabling you to print shipping labels and send electronic shipping instructions.

Approved printing systems


This gives you a faster and more secure service.
Buy the software directly from the company or via its resellers.

We are happy to help you if you are not sure what to do. For help, contact your local representative.

Self-Service Tool

Your Self-service tool is where you monitor and get feedback on your shipments’ items, and upload manifests, print return labels and pull reports on your shipments. You are also able to create your own e-marketing message that can be used when we send a shipping email notification to your customer.

The first thing to do is to apply for an account with your local sales representative. Once that’s done, you’ll be ready to go.

Label Printing

If you are sending your parcels with Direct Link, you will be able to easily print the labels. The system can be accessed in several ways so there is always a good way to integrate with your processes and systems. If you have integrated to other label printing systems, please contact your local Direct Link office.

If you already have an account and want to print your Direct Link labels, follow the link below.

Importing goods into the EU – rules and regulations

To overcome difficulties with time-consuming administration and understanding how to deal with this, Direct Link as experts in this area can help remove the barriers and lead you through this smoothly, providing you with the needed information and tools for your parcel and packet deliveries.

Our EU Directive information sheet gives an overview of this topic, and our other two fact sheets provide information on our tools that will help to remove the risks of failing to move goods across the border:

  • The EU Directive information sheet offers an overview of the new import VAT regulatory changes coming in March and July of 2021.
  • The document Direct Link’s Data Enhancement Technology describes how you will be able to maximize the accuracy of data received in the shipping manifest from your customers, to ensure the highest level of compliance in the reporting processes to relevant security and border control authorities.
  • Direct Link’s Duty and Tax Calculator explains how our API solution swiftly and accurately calculates the duty rate, tax rate, duty payable and tax payable in the currency of the sending or receiving country. It performs real-time calculations of both duties and taxes applied by customs in the country where the recipient resides. Furthermore, customers are able to ensure accurate declaration of goods to be registered through IOSS.

Incident Bulletin

Weekly updates on incidents and issues worldwide that could potentially affect your deliveries.

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