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Progressive Presses

Lee Precision Load MasterProgressive presses like the Lee Precision Pro 1000 and Lee Precision Load Master (shown in the image at right) are designed for experienced reloaders, and shooters who go through several hundred rounds per week. Unlike a single stage loader, a progressive press causes many things to occur at the same time and because of this, there are many more things to monitor.

There is no reason you can`t start with a progressive press, but unless you go through over 250 rounds per week, a progressive press is not really necessary. And since changing calibers on a progressive press can be involved, if you are reloading many different calibers, a progressive press many not be the best choice. Turret presses are both less expensive and easier to set up, and (once set up) will reload up to 250 rounds an hour in experienced hands. Setting up a progressive press requires more patience and attention to detail.

If you are new to reloading we strongly recommend you start with a much simpler single-stage press like the Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Press or Lee Precision Breech Lock Classic Cast Press unless you have an experienced reloader friend willing to help you through the steeper learning curve of a progressive press.

Almost every first-time reloader we have every supplied has found progressive presses more than a handful. If you have never reloaded before, a single-stage press kit like the Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Kit is a great way to get a basic reloading set up in one package.

See the article "First Time Reloading" by our resident newbie reloader, Travis Peacock, for his perspective on the Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Kit.