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Automatic Powder Measures


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Lee Precision Quick Change Drum Set

The Lee Precision Quick Change Drum Set includes four precision molded nylon drums which are designed to work with the Lee Precision Classic Powder Measure. The set covers case sizes from .25 ACP to large belted magnums. The large drums include an insert to allow reduced capacity charging like the smaller drums. All drums are infinitely adjustable within their range without tools. A graduated adjustment key is included with each drum.


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Lee Precision Charging Die Kit

Lee Small and Long Charging Dies included in this kit are for use with the Lee Auto-Disk, Pro Auto-Disk and Auto-Drum Powder Measure.

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Lee Precision Pro Auto Disk Upate Kit

Lee Precision Pro Auto DiskUpdate Kit updates any Auto Disk Powder Measure with Pro features, except the Teflon coating. Swivel Adaptor allows fast and easy transfer between die sets. Adjustable Charge Bar adjusts between .28 and 1.6cc and has zero backlash micrometer.

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Lee Precision Perfect Powder Measure

Lee Precision Perfect Powder Measure has a metering chamber that is the proper size for large rifle charges. The strike off opens small enough to work with pistol size charges to over 100 grains. Can be used on the included bench mounted stand, or used in conjunction with the Universal Charging Die on the Load Master. The Powder Measure has a soft elastomer wiper that strikes off the metering chamber, rather than cut the powder. 

A nylon cone shaped drum adjusted to zero clearance is self-lubricating and will never bind or wear out. The micrometer adjuster reads in cubic centimeters so you can multiply the charge in grains by the c.c. for one grain and you have the setting. Included "O" Ring positively locks the adjustment and removes all end play. You can be confident that your charges will be the most uniform possible.

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Lee Precision Auto Disk Powder Measure

The Lee Precision Auto-Disk Powder Measure automatically dispenses charges more uniformly than any other powder measure. This powder measure is best used for charging handgun cases with a Lee Precision Powder Through Expanding Die. The case itself actuates the measure as the neck is being flared during the presses maximum mechanical advantage. This assures the smooth, even action of the measure. A built-in baffle, and precisely molded, glass reinforced charge disks contribute to the unmatched charge uniformity. All four disks are inlcuded with the Auto-Disk Powder Measure.

If you want to use the Auto-Disk Powder Measure to charge powder on a Lee Precision Classic Turret Press, you will also need to order a Lee Precision Auto Disk Riser which is sold separately. The riser raises the Auto Disk powder measure higher above the mounting location on the Turret Press to provide clearance for use of the Lee Precision Safety Prime Feed Large and Small.

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Lee Precision Powder Measure Stand

The Lee Precision Powder Measure Stand is made from heavy, powder coated steel with a 7/8" mounting hole that fits most brands of powder measures. The base is equipted with 3 none slip feet.

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Lee Precision Auto-Drum Powder Measure

The Lee Precision Auto-Drum Powder Measure brings drum measure convenience and precision to your on-press charging operation. It is case actuated to automatically dispense powder at the proper time. An exclusive, elastomer wiper prevents powder shearing. The drum is actuated by a steel sector and pinion gear train. Two quick-change drums which can reliably drop charges ranging from 1 to 80 grains are included.


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Lee Precision Pro Auto Disk

The Lee Precision Pro Auto Disk incorporates all of the most requested features. It is designed for use with the Progressive 1000 and Load Master Presses. Used with the Powder Thru Expanding Die or Rifle Charging Die. Elastomer wiper and teflon coated metal casting make this the smoothest operating measure. Will not cut powder and almost totally eliminates leakage.


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Lee Precision Deluxe Perfect Powder Meausure


Rugged Construction

This powder measure features a high pressure die cast diamond-machined body. The precision-machined rotor drum is cast from brass, which is naturally antistatic and spark proof.

Eliminates Cut Powder and Jerky Action

A soft elastomer wiper strikes off the metering chamber rather than cut the powder. You’ll be surprised at how smoothly the rotor operates. More importantly, you will enjoy the most uniform of charges.

Easy to Set and Read Micrometer Metering Chamber

Powder charge adjustment is accomplished with a true micrometer adjustable metering chamber. The metering chamber is aluminum with a black anodized finish. Features a crisp, permanent, laser engraved scale. The brass micrometer thimble is engraved with .01cc graduations and has a releasable detent lock. With most rifle powders each click is about a 1/10 of a grain, perfect for working up a load.

Changing Powder is Fast and Easy

Features easily removable hopper with an on/off valve so you can quickly return unused powder to its original container or switch to another type. The hopper feeds to a pre-measuring chamber allowing precise charges regardless of the powder level in the hopper, eliminates the need for an extra powder baffle.

Quick Change Drums

One of the nicest features is the ability to use the new Lee standard quick-change drums (product # 90453). These low cost drums can be preset to your favorite charge and swapped out in seconds.

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Platinum Series Powder Measurer

The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Measure is precision machined to extremely tight tolerances to deliver perfectly smooth operation and highly accurate powder charges.  The advanced powder meter design covers a wide range of charges without sacrificing accuracy and eliminates the need for multiple metering units. It measures from 0.8 grains up to 120 grains. The Powder Measure provides accurate measurement of all powder types, ball, cylinder, extruded and flake.  A tight sealing hopper cap and powder baffle included. Unlike other common powder measures, the Platinum Series Measure includes 2 solid steel mounting stands:  A high clearance Bench top and a side-mounting end version.

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