Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products

These products have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Availability is limited to quantities on hand. We maintain repair parts for discontinued products as long as they are available from manufacturers.

Description SKU MSRP Regular Special Qty Parts
Lee Precision Universal Charging Die Body (Discontinued) AO1656-Disc $0.00 $4.99
Lee Precision Swivel Adaptor 90477-Disc $6.98 $5.89
Lee Precision Powder Through Expanding Die .357 Magnum (Discontinued) 90582-Disc $13.98 $10.79
Lee Precision Pro Case Feeder Small (Discontinued) 90659-Disc $25.00 $17.99
Lee Precision Collet 2-Die Set 6mm PPC (Discontinued) 90802-Disc $40.98 $27.99
Lee Precision Pro Case Feeder Large (Discontinued) 90658-Disc $25.00 $17.99
Lee Precision Universal Charging Die (Discontinued) 90273-Disc $67.00 $20.99
Lee Precision Pro Case Feeder Rifle (Discontinued) 90663-Disc $25.00 $17.99
Frankford Arsenal Reloading Stand (Discontinued) FR-155024-Disc $84.99 $84.99
Wheeler Engineering Scope Ring Alignment Bars, 30mm WH-409501-Disc $22.99 $17.99
Lyman Load Data Book Classic Rifle Calibers LY-9780020-Disc $6.95 $5.39
Lyman Load Data Book Auto Pistol Calibers LY-9780004-Disc 6.95 $5.02
Lee Precision Classic Loader 7mm Mauser (Discontinued) 90241-Disc $40.98 $28.79
Pachmayr Widget 1911 Assembly Tool PA-03471-Disc 5.98 $5.79

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