Lee Precision Long Charging DieMost reloading needs are handled quite nicely by common dies like the Lee Precision Deluxe Rifle Die Set. However, if you find yourself reloading cases with crimped primers, or wanting to charge small capacity rifle cases, or if you're tired of shaving your cast bullets when seating them, then a specialty reloading die may be just what you need.

Lee Precision's Universal Flaring Die will gently flare the mouth of your cases to accept your cast bullets without the annoying shaving that so often happens with unflared cases. Lee Precision's Rifle Charging Die (pictured at right) can charge small capacity rifle cases without expanding the case mouth. And Lee Precision's Decapping Die can remove even crimped primers with no lubing of cases required.

New For 2015

Lee Precision Charging Die Kit which includes Lee Small and Long Charging Dies included in this kit for use with the Auto-Disk, Pro Auto-Disk and Auto-Drum Powder Measure. Works with cases .860 to 2.620 inches long, and bullet diameter .223 and larger.

Works the same as the pistol powder through expanding die, except it doesn`t expand the case mouth. Rifle case expansion is done in the sizing die.

Description SKU MSRP Regular Special Qty Parts Man
Lee Precision Charging Die Kit Lee Precision Charging Die Kit 90995 26.00 $18.39
Lee Precision Decapping Die 90292 14.98 $12.49
Lee Precision Short Charging Die Lee Precision Short Charging Die 90668 14.98 $11.79
Lee Precision Long Charging Die 90194 14.98 $11.79
Lee Precision Universal Flaring Die 90798 16.98 $12.49
Lee Precision Bulge Buster 90487 19.98 $15.99
Hornady Powder Cop Die HR-050063 $38.55 $29.19
Lyman Universal Decapping Die LY-7631290 24.95 $22.92
Hornady 2 Die Set Blank Cartridge 22-45 Caliber HR-544591 $119.99
Lee Precision 22 Caliber Heavy Duty Guided Decapper 91576 4.00 $3.49

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