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 90942 - Lee Precision Pacesetter 3-Die Set .300 Winchester Short Magnum

Part CodeSubpart CodeDescriptionQty.#Req.Price
91440Lee Precision Bullet Seating Die .300 Winchester Short Magnum1 REQ.$16.99
SB2154Lee Precision Bullet Seat Adjustment Screw1 REQ.$1.49
SB1999Lee Precision Bullet Seat Plug1 REQ.$1.99
SD2152Lee Precision Lock Ring1 REQ.$1.49
SB2155Lee Precision O-Ring 7/16 X .0701 REQ.$0.49
SD2153Lee Precision O-Ring 7/8 X .1031 REQ.$0.49
NB3460Lee Precision Seat Die Body .300 WSM1 REQ.$13.99
90331Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die .300 Winchester Short Magnum1 REQ.$11.79
S13102Lee Precision Crimp Body Medium1 REQ.$7.99
S12099Lee Precision Crimp Collet .300 WSM1 REQ.$8.99
S22142Lee Precision Factory Crimp Die Instructions .300 WSM1 REQ.$0.99
SD2152Lee Precision Lock Ring1 REQ.$1.49
SD2153Lee Precision O-Ring 7/8 X .1031 REQ.$0.49
91077Lee Precision Full Length Resizing Die .300 Winchester Short Magnum1 REQ.$16.79
SD2151Lee Precision Decapper Clamp1 REQ.$1.49
SE2169Lee Precision EZ X Expander 30 Cal Medium1 REQ.$3.49
SD2152Lee Precision Lock Ring1 REQ.$1.49
SD2153Lee Precision O-Ring 7/8 X .1031 REQ.$0.49
SD1099Lee Precision Size Die Body .300 WSM1 REQ.$13.99
90791Lee Precision 3-Die Box Flat Red with Lid1 REQ.$4.79
PM1413Lee Precision 4.0 Powder Measure1 REQ.$0.99
CM1111Lee Precision Charge Table .300 WSM1 REQ.$0.99
90522Lee Precision Shell Holder R51 REQ.$4.39

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