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Lee Pistol Reloading Dies

Lee Precision 4-Die Pistol Reloading Set


Ask Yourself The Following Questions:

  • Will I be using brass that has only been fired in my gun?
  • Will I be using brass from a variety of sources that has been fired in a number of different guns?
  • Will I be loading the same cartridges for use in more than one gun?
  • Am I willing to lube my cases to save a little money on the dies or would I rather not have to lube cases?

Lee Precision offers a full line of Pistol Reloading Dies to satisfy most reloading needs.

To avoid lubing your cases choose a set that includes a Carbide Sizing Die. Carbide dies are simply the best way to resize straight walled handgun cartridges since no case lubing is required.

Lee Precision`s Standard Three Die Set works fine when using brass that has only been fired in your gun. However, more attention is required when adjusting the bullet seat and crimp die since bullet seating and crimping occur in a single operation. 

Select Lee Precision`s 4-Die-Deluxe Pistol Die Set (shown above right) when using mixed range brass, brass that was fired in other guns or loading cartridges for use in a number of different guns. The Deluxe Set includes a Carbide Factory Crimp Die which separates the bullet seating operation from the crimping operation. It makes setup much easier and the die has the added feature of a carbide resizer that does a finishing sizing pass on the completed round. This final sizing guarantees that any case that passes through the die will freely and reliably chamber in any gun.

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