Blue Bright Soft Touch Diamond Stylus Pen with Inscription

Blue Writing pen that is easy to use and comfortable in your hand.  

To disarm the people is the best way to make them slaves.

Barrel: Assorted Trim: Chrome
Ink (Not Inscription): Black
Point Type: Ballpoint
ClipOption: With Clip

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Blue Bright Soft Touch Diamond Stylus Pen with Inscription

Brand: National Pen
Product Code: NP-BluePen
Availability: In Stock

MSRP: 2.19
MPN: 7
Thread Size: ,
Strength: 1
Color: :
Capacity: 1
Sensitivity: ,
Max Powder Charge: ,
Condition: n
Package Quantity: P
Product Weight: 1
Variants: .
DOT Regulated: 2
Calibers: 1
Shot Weight: 1
Barrel Type: e
Dram Equivalent: w
Parent Case: 1
Maximum Case Length: :
Case Type: 4
Pellets per ounce: 1
Hardness: 8
Corrosive: 2
Bullet Length: ,
Bullet Diameter: ,
Sectional Density: 4
Ballistic Coefficient (G1): 4
Muzzle Velocity: 1
Muzzle Energy: 5
Nose to Lube Groove: :
Binding: 1
Language: :
Published Date: 5
Editor(s): B
Contributor(s): l
ISBN-10: a
ISBN-13: c
Facing Length: ,
String Gauge: 2
Ring Size: 5
Length: :
Retical: :
Power Source: 5
Battery Life (Hours): 3
Window Size: :
Adjustment per Click: ,
Storage Temperature: 1
Working Temperature: 5
Submersion: 4

  • $2.19

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