Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger 50th Anniversary Kit

The Lee Precision 50th Anniversary kit includes the Breech lock Challenger Press and [1] Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing. You get a complete Powder Handling System, with the most convenient and repeatable Perfect Powder measure. Plus the Lee Safety Scale, the most sensitive, safest of all powder scales. Fill your cases with the included Powder funnel. Case Preparation Tools Stud includes a cutter & Lock to trim your cases. Order the correct Case Length Gauge for the calibers you'll be loading. The Lee chamfer tool, chamfers the inside and outside of the case mouth. Small and large Primer Pocket cleaning tool completes the case preparation package.

Lee Precision Value Quick Trim


Lee Precision Value Trim now shipping with this kit (pictured on the right)

Case Preparation Tools include a Value Trim Case Trimmer that allows you to trim directly on your reloading press (order cartirdge specific trim die separately)


  • Lee Precision Value Trim now shipping with this kit
  • Breech Lock Challenger "O" Frame Press
  • Large & Small Safety Priming Tool
  • Perfect Powder Measure with Stand
  • Powder Funnel, Case Trimmer, Chamfer Tool
  • Small & Large Primer Pocket Cleaner, Sizing Lube
  • Powder Scale
  • Breech Lock Quick Change Bushing


For more information & Instructions, click on the "Man" icon



  • DO NOT USE more powder than recommended
  • DO NOT USE a heavier bullet than recommended
  • DO NOT SEAT the bullet deeper than normal
  • DO NOT USE magnum primers unless using a slow burning ball powder
  • Greatly oversize bullets, excessively hard bullets or cases that are too long will cause higher pressures
  • High temperatures or cartridges that were stored in a hot car or trunk will produce higher pressures


Ammunition reloading can be dangerous if done improperly, and should not be attempted by persons not willing and able to read and follow the instructions included with each product exactly.

  • Always wear safety glasses when reloading and shooting.
  • Ammunition loaded with these tools should be used in modern guns, in good condition.
  • Children should not be permitted to reload ammunition without strict parental supervision.
  • Primers and gun powders, like gasoline and matches, can be dangerous if improperly handled or misused.
  • We do not accept responsibility for ammunition loaded with these tools, as we have no control over the manufacture and storage of components or the loading procedure and techniques used.

Help for product 90050
Reloading Kits
Press Lee Breechlock Challenger Press
Case Lube Lee Resizing Lubricant
Powder Measure Lee Perfect Powder Measure
Priming Lee Large & Small Safety Priming Tool, Lee Primer Arm Small and Large
Powder Scale Lee Safety Scale Red
Turret N/A
Books None
Case Conditioning Tools Lee Chamfer Tool, Lee Small and Large Primer Pocket Cleaning Tool, Lee Case Trimmer
Powder Funnel Lee Powder Funnel
Additional Tools Lee Powder Measure Stand
Reloading Dies Not Included

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Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger 50th Anniversary Kit

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Help for product 90050
Parts Manual

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