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Lee Precision Collet Die Set

FS Reloading is proud to offer Lee Precision Reloading Dies, the most copied dies ever made. Lately other brands have started to offer some previously exclusive Lee Precision features such as one piece reaming, wrench flats, collet held decapper, finger adjustable bullet seater, elevated expander and O-ring locks. Yet the competition still remains way behind because Lee Precision Dies are made to the tightest tolerance in the industry with unbreakable decappers, floating bullet seaters, heat treatment to maximum hardness and the smoothest finish.

Consider the following Lee Precision exclusive features that are included at no extra cost with all Lee Precision dies except their RGB series.

Powder Measure and Charge Table

Only Lee Precision dies come complete with a powder measure and a charge table providing an extensive list of loads that legions of Lee Precision users have proven are safe and accurate. The load data included with Lee Precision dies is more extensive than some reloading manuals.

Factory Crimp Die

Most popular Lee Precision pistol and rifle die sets are equipped with a separate Factory Crimp Die. This is in addition to the regular combination bullet seater and crimper.

Lee Precision Universal Shell HolderFree Shell Holder

A proper size shell holder is included free with every set of Lee Precision dies. Other manufacturers charge extra for this necessary part.

Lee Precision Lock RingsLock Rings

Finger tighten, set and forget, they never move. Just make sure you always loosen your dies by turning the ring, not the die. The Lee Precision Lock Rings are such a helpful innovation, they have become popular with users of other die brands.

We think Lee Precision dies are simply the best in the industry. Since every Lee Precision die set comes with "guaranteed best accuracy" in writing, in addition to Lee Precision`s regular 2 year Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty, you are assured on getting the best tools money can buy. Why would you want to pay more for less?

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