90050 - Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger 50th Anniversary Kit Parts

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Lee Precision Value Trim90386Lee Precision Value Trim1 REQ.$10.99
Lee Precision O-ring 9/16IX.070AD2949Lee Precision O-ring 9/16IX.0701 REQ.$0.99
Lee Precision Lever AssemblyAP1541Lee Precision Lever Assembly1 REQ.$3.99
Lee Precision Lock NutAP1638Lee Precision Lock Nut1 REQ.$14.99
Lee Precision Gland NutAP1640Lee Precision Gland Nut1 REQ.$0.99
Lee Precision Stand (Watch Hole LOC)AP1642Lee Precision Stand (Watch Hole LOC)1 REQ.$4.99
Lee Precision Wiper (Perfect Powder Measure)AP1643Lee Precision Wiper (Perfect Powder Measure)1 REQ.$0.99
Lee Precision Metering Rod (ABC)AP1645ALee Precision Metering Rod (ABC)1 REQ.$14.99
Lee Precision Drum (ABC)AP1645BLee Precision Drum (ABC)1 REQ.$14.99
Lee Precision Knob (ABC)AP1645CLee Precision Knob (ABC)1 REQ.$3.99
Lee Precision BodyAP1645DLee Precision Body1 REQ.$4.99
Lee Precision Crank PlateAP1645ELee Precision Crank Plate1 REQ.$1.99
Lee Precision Valve BodyAP1645FLee Precision Valve Body1 REQ.$1.99
Lee Precision Drop TubeAP1645GLee Precision Drop Tube1 REQ.$1.99
Lee Precision Hopper with CoverAP1646Lee Precision Hopper with Cover1 REQ.$5.99
Lee Precision Metering ChamberAP1649Lee Precision Metering Chamber1 REQ.$14.99
Lee Precision 3/8X1/2 O-RingAP1703Lee Precision 3/8X1/2 O-Ring1 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Instructions Perfect Powder MeasureAP1704Lee Precision Instructions Perfect Powder Measure1 REQ.$0.99
Lee Precision P Arm Assembly SmallOut of stockBP2889ALee Precision P Arm Assembly Small1 REQ.$6.99
Lee Precision P Arm Assembly LargeBP2889BLee Precision P Arm Assembly Large1 REQ.$6.99
Lee Precision 10X3/4 Phillips Pan Head AFA3010Lee Precision 10X3/4 Phillips Pan Head A2 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Nut 3/8X24 CrownlockFB1181Lee Precision Nut 3/8X24 Crownlock2 REQ.$0.99
8-32 Hex Nut FE33648-32 Hex Nut 2 REQ.$0.99
Lee Precision 8-32X3/8 Phillips Pan HeadFL1901Lee Precision 8-32X3/8 Phillips Pan Head1 REQ.$0.99
Lee Precision Pan Head 8-32 X 1/4FO1770Lee Precision Pan Head 8-32 X 1/41 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision 1 1/4 5/16-18 BoltFO2113Lee Precision 1 1/4 5/16-18 Bolt1 REQ.$0.99
Lee Precision 8-32X3/8 Phillips Truss HeadFP2112Lee Precision 8-32X3/8 Phillips Truss Head2 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision 1/4-20X5/16 Phillips Pan HeadFQ1869Lee Precision 1/4-20X5/16 Phillips Pan Head1 REQ.$0.29
Lee Precision Roll Pin 5/64X3/4FT1468Lee Precision Roll Pin 5/64X3/41 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision 8-32X1/2 Phillips Pan HeadFT1940Lee Precision 8-32X1/2 Phillips Pan Head2 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Breech Lock CHALL InstructionsOut of stockOF1219Lee Precision Breech Lock CHALL Instructions1 REQ.$0.99
Lee Precision Challenger Ball GripOF2147Lee Precision Challenger Ball Grip1 REQ.$3.99
Lee Precision +Challenger HandleOF2162Lee Precision +Challenger Handle1 REQ.$6.99
Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger ToggleOF2853Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Toggle2 REQ.$4.89
Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger RamOF3006Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Ram1 REQ.$8.99
Lee Precision Ram Pin StepOF3221Lee Precision Ram Pin Step1 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Primer Tube Q0438-OF3605Lee Precision Primer Tube Q0438-1 REQ.$2.99
Lee Precision Primer DEFLECTOROF3606Lee Precision Primer DEFLECTOR1 REQ.$1.99
Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger CastingOF3608Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Casting1 REQ.$33.99
Lee Precision 1 3/16 Steel WasherOF3609Lee Precision 1 3/16 Steel Washer1 REQ.$0.99
Lee Precision .531-1 1/2 INCH CapOF3611Lee Precision .531-1 1/2 INCH Cap1 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Lever ClampOF3613Lee Precision Lever Clamp1 REQ.$2.99
Lee Precision +Lock PinOF3615Lee Precision +Lock Pin1 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Cutter NO Blades Out of stockQT1808Lee Precision Cutter NO Blades 1 REQ.$9.99
Lee Precision Spacer For Quick Trim Cutter QT3687Lee Precision Spacer For Quick Trim Cutter 1 REQ.$2.99
Lee Precision Quick Trim Instructions QT3989Lee Precision Quick Trim Instructions 1 REQ.$0.99
Lee Precision O-Ring 7/16 X .070SB2155Lee Precision O-Ring 7/16 X .0701 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision O-Ring 7/8 X .103SD2153Lee Precision O-Ring 7/8 X .1031 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision RETAINER/SHELL HLD.TP2108Lee Precision RETAINER/SHELL HLD.1 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Link Bolt 3/8-24XTP2117Lee Precision Link Bolt 3/8-24X2 REQ.$0.99
Lee Precision Primer Guide-SMALLTP2119Lee Precision Primer Guide-SMALL1 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Primer Guide-LargeTP2120Lee Precision Primer Guide-Large1 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Spring .020 WireTP2121Lee Precision Spring .020 Wire2 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Priming Post(PIN)LGTP2123Lee Precision Priming Post(PIN)LG1 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Priming Post(PIN)SMTP2124Lee Precision Priming Post(PIN)SM1 REQ.$0.49
Lee Precision Connecting LinkTP2129Lee Precision Connecting Link1 REQ.$4.99