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Lee Precision New for 2013

Lee Precision New for 2013
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Posted: 12-21-2012 13:53
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Synopsis: Lee Precision announced several new products for 2013 including the much anticipate Lee Precision Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer

Lee Precision Deluxe Quick Trim Case TrimmerNew Lee Precision Products for 2013

Lee Precision announced several new products for 2013 among them are a much requested .300 AAC Blackout Case Length Gauge and an intriguing new case trimming system, the Lee Precision Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer which trims your brass on the press. See illustration from the cover of the Lee Precision 2013 Catalog shown at right for a first look at this new case trimming tool.

We are always excited about new tools to help improve our reloading experience. But the new case trimmer from Lee Precision seems like a product who's time has come.

The Lee Precision Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer quickly and precisely trims your brass to the correct length while at the same time chamfering the inside and outside of each case mouth. A click adjustable stop provides trim length adjustments in .001 of an inch increments. This allows you to shorten your cases to a uniform, known length thus reducing trimming frequency and potentially increasing the life of your cases.

No calipers, measurement or trial and error adjustment is required. Simply install the appropriate quick trim die in your press, insert the Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer in to the die and start trimming your cases.

Case Trimming Dies to fit the following calibers were also announced by Lee Precision:

  • .380 Auto
  • .38 Special
  • .357 Magnum
  • 9mm Luger
  • 9mm Makarov
  • .40 Smith & Wesson
  • .41 Magnum
  • .44 Special
  • .44 Magnum
  • .454 Casull
  • .45 ACP
  • .45 Colt
  • 10mm Auto
  • .500 Smith & Wesson
  • .17 Remington
  • .22 Hornet
  • .22-250 Remington
  • .204 Ruger
  • .222 Remington
  • .223 Remington
  • .243 Winchester
  • 6mm Remington
  • .25-06 Remington
  • .260 Remington
  • 6.5 x 55mm
  • .270 Winchester
  • .270 Winchester Short Magnum
  • 6.8 Remington Special
  • .280 Remington / 7mm Express Remington
  • .30 M1 Carbine
  • 7mm
  • 7mm-08 Remington
  • 7x57 Mauser
  • 7.5S
  • .30-30 Winchester
  • 7.62x39mm
  • 7.62x54
  • .300 Winchester Short Magnum
  • .300 Winchester Magnum
  • .300 Holland & Holland (also fits .300 Remington Ultra Mag)
  • .300 Weatherby
  • .303 British
  • .308 Winchester
  • .30-06 Springfield
  • .338 Winchester Magnum
  • .35 Remington
  • .375 Holland & Holland
  • .45-70 Government
  • 8x57mm

I asked Stephanie Lee when the Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer will be availble to ship. She told me spring of 2013. If you are like me and can't wait to get your hands on the new Lee Precision Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer, sign up for our newsletter and I'll make sure to send you a message when the Deluxe Trim Case Trimmers become available.

Until next time,

Greg Ehlenbach
Pres., FS Reloading

Comments on Lee Precision New for 2013

chf 07-08-2015 08:48
Bon produit,dommage que des calibres comme le 7x64 ne soient pas encore disponibles
pbujynkqwc 01-17-2014 15:51
cqimlgtsfmpbejoh, cnbhulypep
Irwin 11-19-2013 08:28
I need trimmer for .300 Blackout please. Thank you.
Al 11-10-2013 19:39
We need a die for .300 AAC Blackout!!!
Wes 11-07-2013 18:09
5.7x57 please
John Isbell 10-27-2013 07:27
I like the concept and would consider buying one but I don't know what the price will be.
Nigel Hulleman 04-23-2013 14:09
I don't see you stocking this for 30 Carbine, yet lee list it as an avaliable calibre. Would this be a special to customer order, or are you going to stock them in 30 Carbine?
Alfred Dall 04-18-2013 13:37
own a 9mm Lee for 4 years always have worked very good, just bought a Lee 40m and it stinks, can't seem to get chain for powder measure on to bad did not have a god picture of how to make it work.
Tony Smith 03-20-2013 07:19
Any news on the availability of the .308 dies?
Roman 03-11-2013 16:05
Gleb Mayorov 02-27-2013 09:31
What about .338 Lapua Magnum?
Joe Cilinceon 02-16-2013 11:40
Looking for the Deluxe and 45-70 gov die. Could use it a week ago with some new brass.
Rich 02-11-2013 00:28
Need one for 5.7x28, will it be available?
Sam 02-02-2013 22:00
What does the case length gauge screw into? Is the gauge and shellholder cartridge specific? More expense if so.
ROBERT BRAUD 01-31-2013 12:15
Any items coming out for 30 TC? It pains me to purchase non-Lee products!
Timothy Watters 01-28-2013 12:12
looks great will get one when they get ready.hope there will be a 32 pl
Ralph Ditore 12-29-2012 04:45
what? no speed adaptor?
brian david 12-28-2012 07:53

ok looks good. cut to the chase. whats the cost?

12-29-2012 19:18

Reply from Greg Ehlenbach:

Prices for all the "New for 2013" products will be posted in a couple days. Subscribe to FS Reloading News to receive email notices when new products are added to our web site.

Thanks for your interest.

Bruce 12-26-2012 14:51
This looks very interesting, but I bought RCBS X-Dies for .308aand .30-06. With the X-Die you only need to trim a case once (to .020 below maximum length and never need to trim again.. The die keeps the case neck form growing longer.
Jerry 12-24-2012 15:51
6MM Norma BR? Can someone send in a case and have the trimmer made like we cn for your other dies?
Roger 12-24-2012 10:13
44-40 please?
Jerry Smith 12-23-2012 14:00
I would like to buy a couple of those and several sets of the dies.

Don McLaughlin 12-23-2012 12:54
Are the cutters universal or caliber specific?
Bob Hanley 12-23-2012 11:23
Is there any chance lee will make a universal rifle die and a pistol die for this new trimmer? I have so many calibers I reload for that I couldn't afford all the specialty dies, and alot of the calibers I have are not on that die list. I think it's a great idea for the reloader that has a few calibers. I reload 37 different calibers and another new specialty die for each one is just too much. Like I said, I think the new trimmer is a great idea and something I sure would use alot. Come up with a better (universal) die or holder and it would be the Cat's Meow.
Vance 12-23-2012 07:39
Not sure if it would be comfortable to turn after alot of rounds-- 1 hand holding the handle down, the other turning the crank.
David Stiles 12-23-2012 07:11
This appears to be a very well thought out and finely machined case trimmer. It will certainly be as fast as the motorized Dillon trimmer. with a little creativity I might even be able to attach a vacuum collar to suck up the brass trimmings. I can't wait to get one. Any thoughts on Price?
jim 12-23-2012 05:18
I recently replaced the bushings in my lathe type trimmer with roller bearings. Works better, but I still must do two additional cuts, inside and outside. I really hope this trimmer addresses that task with a quality angled cutter for the OD. If it does, the lathe trimmer goes in recycle bin.
Bjorn 12-23-2012 02:00
Would love to see a .50 46mm Remington Blackpowder trimmer !
Jim Lowman 12-23-2012 00:57
I cut my 38 special cases down to 800 th's for comp shooting that should put it in between 38 short colt and 38 long colt can you fix me up with that. This is just what I have been looking for.

Thanks Jim
Jack Lalley 12-22-2012 22:43
Be nice to have one in 9.3x62 too.
Steve 12-22-2012 20:56
Also missing is the .38-40.
Lynn 12-22-2012 19:45
Very nice piece of innovation. No need to have yet another item on the bench and this will be faster than the typical lathe type trimmer it appears. Those of us who load .338 Lapua Mag and .50 BMG would really appreciate this in those calibers as the hand cutter method of larger cases is particularly time consuming.
Bryan Austin 12-22-2012 19:42
44-40 not included?
Tim 12-22-2012 19:07
Any chance these will be made for the .300 AAC Blackout?

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