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FS Reloading New Hornady Products In Stock

Hornady Gas ChecksHornady Gas Checks

In response to overwhelming requests, we now have Hornady Gas Checks in stock on our sister web site, fsbulletsandbrass.com. For all of you bullet casters out there, Hornady Gas Checks are a great way to improve the performance of your cast bullets.These crimp-on gas checks help produce more consistent velocities by sealing gases and protecting the base of your cast bullets from deformation.

Gas checks are easily added to most cast bullets during the bullet sizing process using Lee Precision's Bullet Lube & Size Kit.

Hornady Gas Checks come packaged 1,000 to a box making them a very affordable addition to your cast bullets. If you've never used gas checks and have been wishing your cast bullets would perform better, order a box today and find out what you've been missing.


Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading: 10th EditionHornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading:10th Edition

Expand your reloading library with the 10th edition of Hornady's great reloading handbook and get your hands on over 1,000 pages of reloading data, techniques and bullet information.

FS Reloading is OPEN!

We have received many expressions of concern and sympathy for Greg Ehlenbach who's declining health prevents him from continuing with FS Reloading. I thank you for your concern on his behalf. We will all miss him.

Thanks to assistance above and beyond the call of duty by John Lee and his staff at Lee Precision, and extra effort by our new warehouse staff in Cedar City, Utah, FS Reloading is once again open for business. We are currently shipping to US destinations only. I expect to resume international shipments by July 1, 2016.

For all our international customers, I apologize for the delay but, as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day. I appreciate your patience as we work through this transition.

For our US customers, welcome to the new FS Reloading. We have deployed a new inventory management system that updates stock levels in real-time. This means if an item shows the "Add to Cart" button, you can be assured it is on the shelf in our warehouse ready to ship. Items currently on order with our suppliers show the expected delivery date provided by our suppliers but can't be added to the cart. For out of stock items, I encourage you to click the "Notify me when in stock" link. Our system will sent you an email message when that item becomes available.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your support,

Jonathan Carter
General Manager
FS Reloading
P.O. Box 54
Cedar City UT 84721
435-701-1112 (10A-5P Mountain Time, Monday-Friday except holidays)


Back Orders Now Shipping!

As of this writing, over 200 back orders have been shipped with the assistance of Lee Precision!

I expect all back orders will be shipped by tomorrow, June 7, 2016. Please watch your email for tracking numbers that are being emailed as each order is completed. Remember to allow 24 hours for the tracking numbers to become active.

All through this process, I've been encouraged by the many heartfelt, positive responses to our new management of FS Reloading. I will keep you posted with regular updates as FS Reloading begins operations from its new home in Cedar City, Utah.

A big Thank You to John Lee of Lee Precision without whom none of this would have been possible.

If you didn't see previous messages about Greg Ehlenbach's failing health, departure from FS Reloading and the closing of the warehouse in Hartford, Wisconsin, you can read the full story in our news.

Jonathan Carter, General Manager Pictor Design, LLC.

FS Reloading is moving

FS Reloading is moving!

Now that Pictor Design has taken over FS Reloading, the warehouse in Hartford Wisconsin is being closed and operations are moving to our new home in Cedar City, Utah. Since inventory is in transit we are not presently able to ship products and so have set all inventory levels to “Out of stock” until inventory arrives at our new warehouse. We expect to resume operations in about 10 days. Additional details will be posted as they become available.

I have been gratified by the many expressions of sympathy and concern for Greg Ehlenbach following the announcement yesterday of Greg Ehlenbach's departure from FS Reloading due to failing health. We will miss him and wish him well.

Jonathan Carter, General Manager Pictor Design, LLC.

Shipping Delays

 Where's My Stuff?

Dear FS Reloading Customers,

My name is Jonathan Carter, General Manager of Pictor Design, LLC, the web hosting provider for FS Reloading. I regret to inform you that the owner of Factory Sales, LLC and FS Reloading, Greg Ehlenbach has been suffering from declining health for some time and is no longer able to operate his business.

Pictor Design is owed a great deal of money by FS Reloading. While reviewing the situation, I was dismayed to find a large number of customers waiting for orders that haven't been shipped. I didn't want to see FS Reloading simply close its doors leaving me unpaid and you unserved.

Fortunately we reached an agreement with Greg Ehlenbach on June 1, 2016 for Pictor Design to acquire many of the assets related to fsreloading.com. As a result, Pictor Design has taken over the operation of the FS Reloading web site.

John Lee of Lee Precision has graciously agreed to help us and you who are owed Lee Products by shipping the past due orders direct to each customer. You will receive a tracking number as soon as Lee Precision can process and ship the orders.

Now that we have direct control of the web site, you can expect steady improvements in service and support.

My staff and I are excited to be taking over fsreloading.com. Many of us are avid hunters, shooters and reloaders just like you. We have built and maintained shooting industry web sites since 1994 and look forward to now serving your reloading needs. We greatly appreciate your support and patience during this transition and look forward to great things coming soon.

Jonathan Carter, General Manager Pictor Design, LLC.

*** FS Reloading News July 2015 ***

FS Bullets & Brass Grand Opening

For nearly 20 years we've been pleased to provide our customers with great reloading tools and equipment from Lee Precision and other quality manufacturers through our flag ship web site, fsreloading.com.

Over the years many of you have asked why we don't sell reloading components like bullets and brass as well. The answer is complex and has much to do with restrictive Google advertising policies that have prevented FS Reloading from offering many items that Google deems too dangerous.

However, I am now pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our sister web site dedicated to reloading components, fsbulletsandbrass.com. Because FS Bullets & Brass doesn't depend on Google advertising, it can offer the reloading components many of you have requested without concern for Google's restrictive sensibilities.

FS Bullets & Brass is currently stocked with New Bullets from BARNES and Pull-Down Bullets & Once-Fired Brass from TOP BRASS. We have plans currently in the works to expand FS Bullets & Brass with more product lines from quality manufacturers in the comming months.

I invite you to visit our complimentary web sites.

FS Reloading

FS Bullets & Brass

My staff and I are very excited about these changes and look forward to many more improvements in the months ahead. Stay tuned to this channel for updates as they happen. 

FREE Ammo Box Offer Continues

FS Reloading Brand Translucent Blue Samll Pistol Plastic Ammo Box

This week we are giving away 1 Small Pistol Plastic Ammo Box in Translucent Blue with every order placed on FS Reloading. Visit our Special Offers page for details about this and other special offers currently available.

We have received such positive feedback about our FREE Ammo Box Offers that we plan to continue this offer each week with a different size and color. If you haven't already, I invite you to subscribe to our Special Offers Newsletter to receive email announcements about the FREE Ammo Box and other special offers. Simply log in to your account on FS Reloading then scroll down to the bottom of the Account Details page and make sure to check the box next to FS Reloading Special Offers.

Wishing you safe reloading and shooting,
Greg Ehlenbach
President FS Reloading

*** FS Reloading News Spring 2015 ***

New Article, "Fun at the Range"

Newbies Guide Editor Travis Peacock lines up a shot with his Thompson Center Venture .22-250Follow along with our Newbies Guide Editor, Travis Peacock, as he takes a brand new Thompson Center Venture Rifle in .22-250 caliber to the range for the first time. In his article, Travis tells about breaking-in the barrel, cleaning copper fouling and testing three different  factory loads.

In the process, Travis learns about target stands, how to use a bore guide and why, and wishes for a better shooting rest and a bore sighter. In the face of high winds, Travis discovers how a proper target stand is far superior to the old box-of-rocks method for supporting targets. He also discovers not all ammo is created equal and price is not always a reliable indicator of quality.

If you've ever purchased a new gun or ever thought about purchasing a new gun, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading this article as Travis describes his experience with a new rifle.

Visit our blog section for this and other articles or go directly to "Fun at the Range".


New Classic Cast Powder Measure from Lee Precision

Lee Precision Classic Cast Powder MeasureLee's new for 2015 Classic Cast Powder Measure is a big hit with reloaders. This new powder measure from Lee Precision includes a number of great features making the Classic Cast Powder Measure arguably Lee's best powder measure ever.

  • The true micrometer adjustable metering chamber provides precise measurements and high repeatability.
  • An easily removable 1/2 pound capacity powder hopper makes changing powders quick and easy.
  • The precision machined brass metering drum is naturally anti-static and spark free.
  • Rugged cast iron construction means a lifetime of reliable operation.
  • A soft elastomer wiper eliminates cut powder and jerky action.

Visit fsreloading.com to learn more about the Lee Precision Classic Cast Powder measure and order yours today while supplies last.

FS Reloading Brand Ammo Box FREE With Selected Products!

From now to the end of May we are giving away FS Reloading Brand Plastic Ammo Boxes with the purchase of selected products as a thank-you gift to you, our loyal customers. Visit our Special Offers page for details about this and all other special offers currently available from FS Reloading.

Message from the President

The last couple years have been a wild ride for the shooting industry. Rumors, threats and actual government regulation and restrictions have combined with unprecedented media coverage to create concern and even fear among many hunting and shooting enthusiasts. As a result, we've seen a great deal of turmoil in the market with demand far out pacing supply for many products followed by rising prices, then falling prices amid great uncertainty. Through it all, my staff and I have appreciated your understanding and support. Thanks to you, our customers, we are still here doing our best to serve your reloading needs. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

We have a number of exciting new projects on the drawing board at FS Reloading for 2015. I can't reveal any details now, but you will be the first to get the news as these projects are completed and launched.

Here's wishing you great reloading, shooting and hunting in 2015.

Thanks for your support,

Greg Ehlenbach, President FS Reloading

*** FS Reloading News January 2015 ***

Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit In Stock For Immediate Delivery

Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Kit

The Lee Challenger Kit is our most popular reloading kit. It includes the no non-sense, easy to use and well built  Breech Lock Challenger Press from Lee Precision and just about everything you need to begin reloading safe, reliable ammunition. Simply add a set of dies for your desired caliber and provide your cases, primers, powder and bullets. As I'm sure anyone who owns one of these kits will agree, you can't go wrong with solid Lee tools. It's no surprise this kit and its brother, the Lee 50th Anniversary kit, fly off our shelves. Both kits are currently in stock for immediate delivery so if you've been looking one of these great kits, now's the time to go to FS Reloading and order yours before your neighbor beats you to the punch.

New Shipping Estimator Online

Estimate Shipping Button

I'm pleased to announce our long awaited product shipping estimator is finally online. No longer must you go all the way through the check-out process to see what shipping is going to cost. Now you can find shipping charges for any product direct from each product's detail page on our web site.

We've added a new button called "Estimate Shipping for this Product" below the "Add to Cart" button on every product page on our web site as shown in the example above. When viewing a product on our web site, simply click "Estimate Shipping for this Product", enter a quantity desired and a destination Zip/Postal code to see shipping charges from us to that destination. I invite you to visit our site, fsreloding.com, and try it out.

Thanks to all of you who suggested this idea. And please keep your great ideas and comments coming. We read every message you send and do our best to respond to your suggestions.

Greg Ehlenbach
President, FS Reloading

*** FS Reloading News December 2014 ***

Own It? Respect It. Secure It.

Own It? Respect It. Secure It. logoI am pleased to announce our support of the Own It? Respect It. Secure It. (ORS) InitiativeSM.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation's (NSSF) ORS initiative is designed to help raise the public’s consciousness of the need for firearm safety and responsibility through the core message: “Store Your Firearms Responsibly.”

To generate awareness around this important message, FS Reloading has added the ORS logo to our web site. And for the next several days, you can view a short video about the ORS on our home page. We are also working on a new firearm safety section of our web site which will include firearm safety tips and best practices which you can easily follow to help increase your firearm safety.

By supporting the NSSF's ORS Initiative, we hope to encourage everyone to employ safe and responsible firearm storage. Our goal is to make proper firearm storage as second nature as keeping medicine in child-resistant containers. I believe by supporting the ORS Initiative, we can help prevent accidents and unauthorized use of firearms.

The ORS Initiative is built on the firearm industry’s long-standing commitment to safety and has been developed to give industry members an ongoing platform to promote and encourage firearm safety and storage. It also serves to enhance and amplify the messages of ongoing safety and education campaigns such as Project ChildSafe®, which has distributed more than 36 million free firearm safety kits to gun owners through partnerships with law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and five U.S. Territories.

“Storing your firearms responsibly is a simple but vitally important message, and we are pleased to have FS Reloading’s support for this Initiative,” said Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO. “Together with all our industry partners we can be powerful messengers in encouraging firearm owners to respect their firearm and store it responsibly when not in use.”

The Great FS Reloading Bug Hunt Update

Our first ever Bug Hunt season is scheduled to start in the spring of 2015. Our Bug Ecologists are putting the final touches on their “FS Reloading Bug Habitat” report. And I've heard a rumor that the well known Bug Conservation Society (BCS) is preparing their own, independent Bug Impact Study.

In-spite of the controversy our proposed open season on bugs has generated in the liberal press, I remain confident the Bug Resource Division will produce reasonable bug hunting regulations with bag and possession limits we can all live with regardless of any propaganda the BCS may include in their “independent” report. I look forward with great anticipation to get my hands on the 2015 Bug Hunting Proclamation which I will forward to you as soon as I receive it from the Bug Resource Division.

Shooting Industry News

Two state chapters of NSSF's Hunting Works for America program were cited in recent news stories as resources for factual information on hunting issues and for data on the importance of hunting to America's economy. In response to a misleading article on traditional ammunition in the Ames (Iowa) Tribune, a letter writer correctly pointed out that traditional ammunition containing lead components has not negatively impacted bald eagle populations nor does consuming game taken with such ammunition pose a health risk to humans. The writer pointed to the Hunting Works for Iowa website for additional factual resources. At a regional meeting, representatives of Hunting Works for Pennsylvania discussed with area business owners the economic importance of hunting to the state and region.

Happy Holidays!

For our American customers, I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving holiday. For all our customers I hope you enjoyed our Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount specials. If you didn't get the memo about our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials, see the Special Offers section of our web site where many of them continue until December 7, 2014.

Greg Ehlenbach,
President FS Reloading

*** BIG Changes at FS Reloading ***

Major Site Upgrade

Customer Order History is Back Online

We recently completed a major site upgrade. Some of the significant changes include:

  • Improved security features to help keep your shopping experience safe.
  • Simplified, more relevant search results to help make finding desired products easier.
  • A faster, more efficient cart engine to improve overall response time and better handle the increasing traffic on our site.
  • Enhanced add-to-cart information which is displayed in a pop-up window centered on your view when you add products to the shopping cart.

We are excited about the improvements to our site since they allow us to better serve you. However, as they say, you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs. In the process of deploying this latest upgrade:

  • The customer order history was unavailable for a time.
  • Some of you received duplicate confirmation of old orders.

These two issues have been fixed. I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion caused by the temporary unavailability of your past order history or incorrect order email messages you may have received. I appreciate those of you who took time to call or send us email about these issues. Your effort helped us find and correct the problems.

Ongoing Enhancements

We are making small improvements on the site almost every day. Many of these improvements you may feel more than you notice. Following are some of the little things we are constantly working on to help smooth your shopping experience.

  • Improved product photos that better represent our products.
  • More “Related Products” postings to help you recognize products you might have forgotten.
  • More logical sorting of product tables to help you more quickly zero-in on the product you seek.
  • Enhanced product descriptions which more accurately explain the features and functions of our products.
  • Expanded product comparisons to help you more easily see similarities and differences between products.
  • Expanded product details to help you better understand our products and choose the best product for your needs.

Take a look at the Lee Precision Pistol Quick Trim Die category to see examples of many of these enhancements.

Bog-Pod Q-StickNew Product Line, Bog-Pod

I am pleased to announce the addition of the very popular Bog-Pod line of mono-pods, bi-pods, tri-pods and accessories to FS Reloading. They are a perfect compliment to other, similar products on our site. Bog-Pod offers a unique alternative to the traditional permanently attached bi-pod that doesn't require any alteration to your gun. And so we are anxiously awaiting arrival of our first shipment of Bog-Pod products. I am especially looking forward to the Bog-Pod Q-Stik. I want one for myself.

If you have also been hankering for a Q-Stik or any of the other handy Bog-Pod products, I encourage you to visit our site, browse to the Bog-Pod product of your choice and click the “Notify me when in stock” button to reserve your place in line when they arrive. Just remember, I get the first Q-Stik!

Coming Soon—The Great FS Reloading Bug Hunt
Find a bug and get a free FS Reloading Ammo Box

If you are anything like me, you get a thrill out of hunting and killing bugs. Especially those tough little suckers that hide in obscure places and jump out to bite you at the most inconvenient times. If you're with me, I invite you to join in The Great FS Reloading Bug Hunt to help us find and stamp out bugs.

Be the first to report any particular bug like a broken link on a page, incorrect product photo, wrong product detail, etc. and I will send you one of our fantastic FS Reloading Ammo Boxes free as reward for your effort.

Bug Hunting Season starts soon. Keep watching your email for the Bug Hunt opening day notice. Until then, feel free to start scouting for bugs. Once bug hunting season opens, I'll send you another message with more details and instructions on how to submit your bug reports.

Remember, no shooting bugs until bug season opens or the game warden will get on your case.

Thanks for your confidence and support,

Greg Ehlenbach
President FS Reloading

*** FS Reloading News July 2014 ***

FS Reloading Special Offers

I am pleased to announce the launch of FS Reloading Special Offers tomorrow, Wednesday July 2, 2014 through which selected products will be offered with significant price discounts or even free with the purchase of other products. These Special Offers will be announced via email to our Special Offer subscribers and in a new section of FS Reloading called “Special Offers”.

I invite you to subscribe to our Special Offers newsletter to receive periodic email announcements of all FS Reloading Special Offers.

To subscribe to Special Offers:

  • go to fsreloading.com
  • Click "Sign In"
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Check the "FS Reloading Special Offers" box in the Newsletter section of "Account Details"
  • Click the "Submit" button

This service is completely free and without obligation.

FS Reloading on Slickguns.com

We are very exited to be listed on the Slickguns.com price comparison engine. As many of you may be aware, the major search engines like Google and Bing have become increasingly unfriendly to the shooting sports. As a result our staff have been busily looking for alternative venues with which to promote our products and services.Slickguns.com attracted our attention due to its unique price comparison and tracking feature. Our Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit deal is a good example.

The Slickguns price comparison feature displays prices from a number of dealers and how prices have changed over time as shown in the image below. Click the image to enlarge.

Slickguns Price Comparison Chart

If you haven't visited Slickguns yet, I encourage you to check them out.

Shooting Industry News

Armatix iP1 Smart Pistol

Armatix iP1 Smart Pistol

Last week, National Public Radio affiliate stations aired a story on so-called "smart gun" technology as part of their “All Things Considered” program. During the broadcast, National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Senior Vice President and General Counsel Larry Keane explained the industry's views about a New Jersey law which mandates this technology and the unintended consequences of it being on the books.

Also interviewed in the broadcast:

  • The law's sponsor, New Jersey Senator Loretta Weinberg
  • Donald Sebastian, Assistant Vice President of the New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • David Kopel, a policy analyst at the Cato Institute
  • others involved in the story

Whether you are in favor of smart gun technology or not, this story is a great example of how attempts to micro-manage industry almost always backfire.

Listen to the broadcast or read the story to get the details.


Wishing you happy reloading and safe shooting.

Thanks for your support,

Greg Ehlenbach,
President FS Reloading

*** FS Reloading News May 2014 ***

Price Reduction on Caldwell, Tipton, Frankford Arsenal & Wheeler Engineering Products

Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Pink Hearing ProtectorsPrices have been reduced on Caldwell Shooting Gear, Tipton Gun Cleaning Tools & Supplies, Frankford Arsenal Reloading Equipment and Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing Tools. There's never been a better time to get that new shooting rest, gun vise, case tumbler, chronograph or laser bore sighter you've been dreaming about. And while you're at it, throw in a set of Caldwell E-Max Low Profile Hearing Protectors in pink for your wife or girlfriend. She can listen to her music while you blast away and then take her turn shooting without missing a beat.

New Products

The Hot Zone Deer Exclosure System from Non-Typical Wildlife Solutions is just the thing you need to protect your food plot until hunting season rolls around. Check out the 2 minute video for a quick introduction to the Hot Zone products.

New Features on FS Reloading

If you've visited our site in the last couple months you've already seen the new face of FS Reloading. That new face is just the beginning of major improvements in the works. We are continuing to add new features as time rolls on.

If you've browsed our site in the last few days, you've noticed our great new product videos scattered around. If not I invite you to visit us and check em out. Two of my personal favorites showcase the Frankford Arsenal Case Prep and Trim System and the Caldwell Shootin Gallery. The Caldwell Shootin Gallery is just the thing if you've got children or grandchildren with 22's. They'll love knocking down the motorized targets and you'll love the smile hitting the targets brings to their faces.

Our new Product Feature Comparison tool will help you choose between similar products by showing product features in a handy chart format. See at a glance what is the same and what is different. Our Product Feature Comparison tool helps you make a better informed choice between similar products. Check it out with Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-EZ Case Tumbler and EZ sonic Cleaner.

FS Reloading Product Feature Comparison

As Always, We Appreciate Your Feedback

Our staff really appreciates your phone calls, emails and support requests—the good, the bad and even the ugly. The good warms our hearts, the bad and the ugly show us where we can improve. We need them all as we strive to better serve your reloading and shooting needs.

Thanks for your support.

Greg Ehlenbach,
President FS Reloading 

*** FS Reloading News April 2014 ***

The New Face of FS Reloading

If you've you logged on to FS Reloading in the last few days you've already seen the new face of FS Reloading. If not we invite you to visit us and explore our new site.

About 2 weeks ago we deployed a brand new, “responsive” template for our web site with a simplified, streamlined design that automatically reformats itself to best fit the myriad viewing devices currently in use. FS Reloading now works equally well on smart phones like Android, Galaxy and iPhone, tablet devices like Kindle Fire, ThinkPad, Galaxy Tab and iPAd, and of course desktop computers. So no matter what device you use, FS Reloading is optimized for the best experience on your device.

Finally, I can browse my own web site on my iPhone without needing a magnifying glass to read the menus.

Fantastic New Case Prep and Trim System

Frankford Arsenal unveiled a brand new case prep and trim system at this year's Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trades (SHOT) show. Our staff was very excited to receive a personal, hands-on introduction to this great new machine from James Tayon of the Frankford Arsenal product development team.

James showed us how an innovative Case Holder with Adjustable Collet and Bushing System indexes the case shoulder and can be set to precisely trim brass to the exact desired case length. Once the case holder is adjusted, simply insert brass into the case holder where a collet aligns the case squarely with the hi-speed cutter. As the case mouth contacts the motorized cutter, it is trimmed until the case shoulder stops on an internal bushing.

This is a great new solution to an age old problem. Now you can spend less time trimming your cases and more time loading and shooting.

Visit FS Reloading to read more about the Frankford Arsenal Case Prep and Trim system and order yours today. They are in stock for immediate shipment.

A Word About Security

Like you, we are concerned about safety and security on the Internet. Unfortunately too many web site operators seem willing to sacrifice security for a small increase in speed. We think this is a mistake. We prefer to protect your private information so we have chosen to employ Enhanced Validation Secure Sockets Layer (EVSSL) encryption from the world leading GMO GlobalSign on every page of our site. You can verify this is so by noticing the green address bar displayed by Internet Explorer (shown below) and Google Chrome or the green pad lock icon and company name displayed by Firefox in addition to the “https” in our address which indicates our pages are secure.

FS Reloading home page showing EVSSL Green Bar

This means any information you send us, from items placed in the shopping cart to your name, address and passwords are encrypted to keep them safe from unknown third parties who may attempt to intercept them in transmission without your knowledge.

We respect your privacy and believe everyone else should too.

We Love Hearing From You

Many of you have given us a big thumbs-up for our new site design which always makes us feel good. Some of you have pointed out problems which our staff has scrambled to stamp out. We really appreciate your feedback, especially when you find a problem that needs solving. We want to provide you with the best service possible. Your feedback helps us meet that goal.

To all those who've taken time to send us a short note about a problem, post a comment on our Guest Book or talk to us on the phone about any issue, thanks for your help and a big thumbs-up to you too.

Greg Ehlenbach,
President FS Reloading

*** Happy Holidays SALE 2013 from FS Reloading ***

Save 10% on your next 3 orders until December 31, 2013

Enter code CHRISTMAS2013 at checkout to claim your discount.

!!! End of Year Price Reduction on Frankford Arsenal Products !!!

Frankford Arsenal Reloading TrayCheckout our new, lower prices on the ever popular Frankford Arsenal products like the Perfect Fit Reloading Tray shown here.

From case cleaning to powder handling, prices have been reduced. When combined with our CHRISTMAS2013 discount coupon, savings on Frankford Arsenal products can be as much as 70% over the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

There has never been a better time to stock up on Frankford Arsenal lubes and tools.

New Products for For 2014

2014 is shaping up to be a great year for the shooting sports with a large number of interesting and eagerly anticipated new products from just about every manufacturer. Following are two examples from the many new products which we are working hard to get online.

Lee PrecisionLee Precision Ultimate 4 Die Rifle Set

Lee Precision's new for 2014 Ultimate 4 Die Rifle sets combine their popular Deluxe 3 Die sets with Lee's unique Factory Crimp Die. This great new die set includes:

  • Lee's Full-length Sizing Die
  • Collet Neck Sizing Die
  • Collet Neck Sizing
  • Die Factory Crimp Die
  • Universal Shell Holder
  • Powder Dipper
  • Complete instructions with load data
  • Custom fit storage case.

FS Reloading

FS Reloading Plastic Ammo Box with foam insertOur FS Reloading brand plastic ammo boxes, which are available in a wider variety of colors than any other brand, now include a FREE foam insert to reduce vibration and cushion your ammo. Unlike other brands that force you to invent your own anti-rattle solution or pay extra for a sheet of foam that you must cut to fit, our ammo boxes come with our custom cut foam insert already installed.

Our foam inserts hold your ammo gently but securely in place resulting in no more rattle, no more deformed bullet tips, no more sliding cartridges. You won't find a better value anywhere on the planet.

Go to fsreloading.com now and order yours today.

New Product Line Wheeler Engineering

Wheeler Engineering AR Front Site ToolWe are excited to announce the addition of Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing products to FS Reloading.

For all the do-it-yourselfers out there, Wheeler Engineering Gunsmithing tools help you save time and money by doing simple jobs yourself. Jobs like adjusting the A2 front site on your AR-15 can easily and quickly be done at home with Wheeler Gunshmithing tools like the Wheeler AR Front Sight Tool shown here. Or mounting that new scope you're going to get for Christmas is a snap with Wheelers Scope Mounting Kit which provides everything necessary to mount a scope the correct way, including an instructional DVD.

Wheeler Gunsmithing tools are in stock and ready to ship. Now's the time to get that cool tool you've always wanted.

Enter code CHRISTMAS2013 at checkout to receive an additional 10% off your next 3 orders until December 31, 2013 

2014 SHOT Show

SHOT Show LogoThe National Shooting Sports Foundation's 2014 SHOT Show, the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries, is fast approaching and our staff is excited about again attending the world's premier exposition of combined firearms, ammunition, law enforcement, cutlery, outdoor apparel, optics and related products and services.

We will be visiting carefully selected exhibitors and roaming the show floor looking for new and exciting products to bring you in the months ahead. Since the SHOT Show is for industry professionals only and not open to the general public, we invite you to post questions for manufacturer reps. We will do our best to get the answers for you as we talk with exhibitors at the show.

Thanks for you support during the past year. Our staff appreciates your business and the opportunity to serve your reloading needs. And from our family here at FS Reloading to yours, we wish you a very happy holiday season and a joyous new year.

Greg Ehlenbach,
President FS Reloading

*** FS Reloading News March 2013 ***

New Product Lines

We are very excited to announce the addition of two major product lines, Frankford Arsenal and Tipton to FS Reloading. These  are just two of the brands with which we fell in love at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trades (SHOT) Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada this past January.

Frankford Arsenal LogoMost veteran reloaders are familiar with the famous initials "FA" on military .30-06 Springfield brass - and for good reason. The original Frankford Arsenal Army Ammunition Plant was constructed in 1816 on 20 acres of land purchased by United States President James Madison. It was the center of U.S.. military small arms ammunition design and development until 1977 when it was closed. While unrelated to the original, today's Frankford Arsenal carries on in the same spirit by offering well-designed and quality products.

Frankford Arsenal brand tools complement perfectly our core line of Lee Precision reloading presses and dies. From the very affordable Quick-N-EZ Bullet Puller to the very important sonic cleaners and case cleaning tumblers, Frankford Arsenal products can help round out your reloading set up.

Tipton logoAfter a day hunting or at the range enjoying the shooting sports, everyone needs reliable cleaning tools and supplies to keep their firearms in top condition. Tipton is well known for providing quality gun cleaning products. From jags and bore brushes to gun vises and range boxes, Tipton cleaning products fit the bill perfectly.

Weeks ago, we placed large orders for both Frankford Arsenal and Tipton products. Our staff is doing their best to add them to FS Reloading as they arrive from the factory.

You can find links to all our product lines front-and-center on our home page. Just click on the logo to browse the available products.

The Much Anticipated Lee Quick Trim Is Now In-Stock

The first of many orders of Lee Precision Quick Trim cutters and dies arrived at our warehouse today. I know many of you are eagerly awaiting this fantastic tool. We now have a supply in stock, ready to ship. And since we expect Lee's Quick Trim's will be extraordinarily popular, more are already on order with Lee Precision.

If like our staff, you've been anxiously waiting to get your hands on one of these cool tools, I recommend you log on and place your order now. They are sure to go out the door fast.

We Love To Hear From You

As I'm sure you are aware by now, the shooting industry is experiencing unprecedented demand for almost all products. It is an unusually busy time for everyone in the business, us included. From packing and shipping to the front office, we seem to be running all day with hardly a moment to catch our breath. But in-spite of the current craziness, we still love to receive your emails and telephone calls.

We need your feedback, it helps us improve our operation to better serve you. We enjoy your comments, some of them make us laugh, some make us cry but they all help us get through the day. And we relish your compliments when we get things right.

To all those who've taken time to send us a short note about a problem, post a comment on our Guest Book or talk to us on the phone about any issue, please accept my sincere appreciation and thanks.

Greg Ehlenbach,
President FS Reloading

*** FS Reloading News December 2012 ***

Lee Precision New For 2013

Lee Precision Deluxe Quick Trim Case TrimmerThe Lee Precision Deluxe Quick Trim (shown in the drawing at left) quickly and precisely trims your brass to the correct length while at the same time it chamfers the inside and outside of the case mouth. This new case trimming system is installed in a special reloading die which holds the trimmer in precise alignment with the case so no calipers, measurement or adjustment is required. Simply install the appropriate quick trim die in your press and start trimming. A click adjustable stop allows trim length adjustment in .001 of an inch increments. The Deluxe Quick Trim is scheduled to be available spring 2013. See my short article "Lee Precision New for 2013" on our web site at fsreloading.com for more details about this and other new products from Lee Precision.

2013 Lee Precision Catalog Available

Lee Precision's new catalog is now online in PDF format for immediate downloading. This most current Lee Precision catalog contains more reloading information than ever before and several new products including the much anticipated “Deluxe Quick Trim” Case Trimmer which is featured prominently on the catalog's cover. Go to fsreloading.com, click on the “Manuals” tab then click on “2013 Lee Precision Catalog (Complete)” to download your copy today.

FS Reloading Ammo Boxes a Big Hit

FS Reloading Brand Ammo BoxesThe recently added line of FS Reloading branded plastic ammo boxes has been a bigger hit than we ever expected. Your support for our ammo boxes has encouraged us to expand the lineup by adding a box designed for automatic pistols and to offer all our boxes in clear and a very cool blue in addition to the original red. The new ammo boxes are being produced at the factory as I write this. I expect them to be on our shelves and ready to ship the first week of January 2013.

2013 SHOT Show®

SHOT Show LogoThe National Shooting Sports Foundation's 2013 SHOT Show, the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries, is less than a month away and our staff is excited about attending the world's premier exposition of combined firearms, ammunition, law enforcement, cutlery, outdoor apparel, optics and related products and services. We will be visiting carefully selected exhibitors looking for new and exciting products to bring you in the months ahead. See my short article about our SHOT Show plans on our web site at fsreloading.com and post questions for manufacturer reps. We will do our best to get the answers for you as we talk with exhibitors at the show.

Hunting on the Rise Among Liberals

According to the article “Hipsters Who Hunt” by Emma Marris published recently on slate.com, “Hunting is undeniably in vogue among the bearded, bicycle-riding, locavore set. The new trend might even be partly behind a recent 9 percent increase from 2006 to 2011 in the number of hunters in the United States after years of decline. Many of these new hunters are taking up the activity for ethical and environmental reasons.”

Ms. Marris goes on to explain eating meat you hunt yourself is more ethical not to mention better for you and better for the environment than eating animals that have been confined in small enclosures and dosed with antibiotics and antidepressants in an industrial food system increasingly disconnected from nature. She suggests many left leaning, liberal types are taking up hunting as a way to help protect the environment while enjoying a healthier diet in the bargain. We couldn't agree more.

I encourage you to read the entire article. I'm sure you'll find plenty of ammunition to use in your next conversation with your liberal friends about the merits of hunting versus over-processed, packaged, ready-to-eat meals from your local grocery store.

And finally, thanks for you support during the past year. Our staff appreciates your business and the opportunity to serve your reloading needs. And we all wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Greg Ehlenbach,
President FS Reloading

*** FS Reloading News November 2012 ***

Lee Precision Products Back In Stock

We just received a large shipment from Lee Precision including many back-ordered items. Our staff is busy unpacking boxes and restocking shelves in our warehouse as I write this. I encourage you to visit our web site and place your holiday orders now to avoid the last minute rush that is sure to happen as the holiday season approaches. All Lee Precision products including repair parts can be found in the Lee Precision section of fsreloading.com

Newbies Guide Launched with First Article

Newbies Guide Author Travis PeacockI am pleased to announce the launch of our online magazine with it's first regular column, “Newbies Guide”, written by Travis Peacock, our resident first-time reloader.

Travis writes in a comfortable, conversational style directly to the beginning reloader because he is one. He uses new equipment currently available from FS Reloading so he revels in the same joys of discovery and suffers the same headaches as you will while wondering "What were those @#$!%@$# engineers thinking when they dreamt up that #@$%#$ thing.

Travis is no expert, but in this case that's a good thing. If there's a way to fumble things up, Travis will find it. You can be sure: if Travis can do it, you can too. Join Travis on his journey of discovery as he learns how to reload his own ammo without blowing himself up. You can find links to the Newbies Guide on fsreloading.com about 2/3 of the way down on the left side of our site.

Country of Origin Added to Product Listings

Like many of you, we care about where the things we buy are made. While it isn't always possible in today's interconnected world to buy only things made in the United States, we still would like to know where things are made before we buy them. Therefore we decided to add “Country of Origin” to the product details displayed on our web site.


The supermarket turkey that will be the focus of tomorrow's Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States is only a distant relative of the wild turkey, a species that almost did not survive in its native land. Connecticut, for example, reportedly had no wild turkeys left as early as 1813. Read about how the Wild Turkey and other endangered species made amazing comebacks in National Sport Shooting Foundation's Symbols of WSFR's 75 Years of Success--a series about Wildlife and Sports Fish Restoration initiatives.

Greg Elenbach,
President FS Reloading

*** FS Reloading News October 2012 ***

Production at Lee Precision is Lagging Demand

We are once again in the busy season and production at the Lee Precision Factory is running 2 weeks behind demand. In-spite of our best efforts to get ahead of the game, these production delays have resulted in the depletion of some popular items from our inventory.

To reduce shipping costs, we will ship only complete orders once all backordered items arrive from the factory—unless you tell us otherwise. Therefore, if your order includes back ordered items, do nothing and we will ship the complete order as soon as the back ordered items arrive. Or contact us via phone, email or support ticket for other shipping options.

Please include your order # in all correspondence to help us better serve you.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding during this busy season.


GUNVOTE 2012For citizens of the United States, the upcoming 2012 elections are critically important. Your vote counts! We encourage you to educate yourself about the candidates and where they stand on the issues important to you and then vote for the candidate who will best protect your rights.

It's less than a month until Election Day and many races across the country -- including the presidential race -- are extremely close. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is asking everyone to help spread the word of just how important this year's elections are for gun owners and our industry. As it has in previous elections, the collective vote of shooters, hunters and gun owners will make a huge impact at the polls. 

Please join with me and the FS Reloading staff to help promote the NSSF GUNVOTE campaign by placing a GUNVOTE 2012 button like the one shown at left or a GUNVOTE banner on your web site, blog, or Facebook page. Learn more and choose from a selection of gunvote images at nssf.org/gunvote.

As always, thanks for your support.

Greg Elenbach,
President FS Reloading

*** Big Changes at FS Reloading & Other Gun News ***


The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and its program for new shooters, First Shots, is offering a free introduction to action pistol shooting through two upcoming First Shots Second Round seminars. Participants can register online for either the Oct. 19 or 20 session being presented at the U.S. Practical Shooting Association Nationals event in Las Vegas. A professional shooter will offer instruction, and by attending the nationals, participants will get to see pros in action. For more information, contact NSSF's First Shots Manager Tisma Juett at tjuett@nssf.org.


With only about a week until National Hunting and Fishing Day, now is a fitting time to remind all Americans about the important contributions of hunters and shooters to conservation. Everyone should know the story of how America created the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) initiative that has returned many species to abundance. WSFR is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. NSSF over the next two weeks will feature examples on its website of "un-endangered" species that have been rescued from severe population decline, and some from near extinction. Visit http://www.nhfday.org/ to learn more


FS Reloading Location at 1667 Independence Ave, Hartford Wisconsin2012 has been a year of big changes for all of us at Factory Sales. We changed our name from Factory Sales to FS Reloading. We designed, built and deployed a completely new web site. And we moved to a new, 10,000 square foot facility located at 1667 Independence Ave, Hartford, Wisconsin. Our hearts have been warmed by the many “atta-boys” and “pats-on-the-back” we've received. But we are most appreciative of the constructive criticism which continues to help us improve our service to you.

We are very excited about these changes and look forward to many more improvements in the coming months. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this major expansion and look forward to continuing to serve ALL of your reloading needs in the months and years to come.

Thank You,

Greg Ehlenbach
Pres. FS Reloading

***** Shooting and Gun Ownership On The Rise ******

'THE RISE IN GIRLS WITH GUNS' . . .a short report about women and guns which recently aired on CNBC, indicates more women than ever before are becoming gun owners with 47% more women shooting now than 10 years ago. This has contributed to a 14% increase in gun sales overall. If you like watching women TV reporters shoot for the first time, you'll enjoy this short video report from CNBC

We at FS Reloading have also noticed an increase in sales over previous years causing many popular items like .223 bullets to remain in short supply. However, I am happy to report we have received a large shipment of .223 62 grain pull down bullets. Come and get 'em while they last.

We also received a large shipment from Lee Precision including a number of much sought after Loadmasters. If you've been wanting to upgrade to a progressive press, now is the time. Log on to FS Reloading and order yours today.

And finally, I want to thank all of you, our loyal customers, who have shown great patience and support as we continue to work through the largest expansion of our web site we have ever undertaken. We couldn't do it without you. We are especially grateful for all the helpful comments you've sent through email and support ticket requests. Our web site continues to improve as a result.

Thank you all,

Greg Ehllenbach, President, FS Reloading

*** Lee Precision Products Back In Stock At FS Reloading ***

We are pleased to report a large shipment of Lee Precision products arrived at our facility this morning. Our staff is working hard to fill as many back orders as possible. However, world-wide demand for Lee Precision products continues to exceed production at the Lee Precision Factory, especially on popular items like pistol caliber Load Masters.

50 BMG Bullets and 50 BMG Brass from Top Brass are now in stock for immediate delivery. However .223 bullets are still on back order.

If you receive a back order notice for any product, please email info@fsreloading.com with your order# and let us know how you would like us to handle your back ordered items so we can best serve your needs. We are happy to cancel back ordered items and refund your payment or, if you prefer, WE WILL HOLD YOUR ORDER until the back ordered items are received from Lee Precision.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding during this busy season.

Greg Ehlenbach, President FS Reloading


We are back in the busy season again. World-wide demand for Lee Precision
products is such that production at the Lee Precision Factory is currently
running 1-2 weeks behind on many popular items. This has resulted in the
depletion of some popular items like 9mm Four Dies Sets and 223 Dies from
our inventory. We are currently shipping back ordered items as soon as they
arrive from the Lee Precision Factory, all other items we are shipping from
our inventory the same day we receive your order Monday-Friday.

If you receive a back order notice please email info@fsreloading.com with
your order# and let us know how you would like us to handle your back
ordered items so we can best serve your needs. We are happy to cancel back
ordered items and refund your payment, hold your order until the back
ordered items are received from Lee Precision and ship your complete order
at that time or ship the available items immediately and the back ordered
items when they arrive.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your
patience and understanding during this busy season.

Greg Ehlenbach, President FS Reloading


 Dear friends and customers,

As many of you may know, there has been growing confusion between our company “Factory Sales” and the Lee Precision Factory. Therefore, effective February 7th, 2012, Factory Sales is now FS Reloading. We have changed our name to eliminate any confusion between our company “Factory Sales” and the Lee Precision Factory. As part of this process we have completely redesigned our web site to better serve you, our customers. Please update your favorites and bookmarks to our new and improved ecommerce site http://www.fsreloading.com.

Our staff remains the same. And we remain committed to bringing you quality reloading equipment at the best possible price.

Thanks for your support. We look forward to serving your reloading needs.

Greg Ehlenbach, Factory Sales now FS Reloading

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