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Lee Precision Universal Decapping Pin

This is a replacement decapping pin for the Lee Precision Universal Decapping Die (#90292)

Our price $2.99

SKU: 90783
Weight: 0.05 lbs
UPC: 734307907839
Calibers: .25 ACP,.30M1 Carbine,.32 ACP,.32 Smith & Wesson Long,.32 H&R Magnum,.38 ACP,.38 Short Colt,.38 Long Colt,.38 Special, .38 Smith & Wesson,.380 ACP,.38 Super,.357 SIG,.357 Magnum,.375 Winchester,.40 Smith & Wesson,.40-60,.40-65 Winchester,.400 Corbon,.41 Magnum,.44 Special, .44 Russian,.44 Magnum,.444 MARLIN,.454 Casull,.45 Auto Rim,.45 ACP,.45 GAP,.45 Colt,.45 Smith & Wesson, .45 Schofield,.45 Winchester Maganum,.45-60,..45-70 Government,.45-75,.455 Webly MkII,.458 SOCOM,.460 Smith & Wesson,.480 Ruger,.500 Smith & Wesson Magnum, .50 Action Express,7.62x25mm Tokarev,7.62x38mmR,7.63x25mm Mauser,7.65x?21mm Parabellum,9mm Makarov,9mm Luger,10mm Auto
Country of Origin: United States
MPN: 90783
Alt MPN: DD2545-Disc
Condition: New
Product Weight: 0.05 lbs
Package Quantity: 1

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Part 90783 is used in the following Lee Precision reloading tools:
9029290292Lee Precision Decapping Die9080090800Lee Precision Pacesetter 3-Die Set .458 Winchester Magnum
9090290902Lee Precision Large Series Steel 3 Die Set.577/450 Martini-Henry9092990929Lee Precision Large Series Steel 3 Die Set .577 Snider

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Lee Precision Universal Decapping Pin
Lee Precision Universal Decapping Pin

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