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Lee Precision Resizing Lubricant

Lee Precision Resizing Lubricant is perfect for sizing cartridge cases. Non-stick, water soluable wax-base lubricant. Odorless, non-allergic and pleasant to use. Industrial grade lubricant , not normally available to the consumer. If permitted to dry before use, it completely eliminates dented cases. A common problem with oil base lubricants. Gloves should be worn when using this product.

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If for any reason you use a brand other than Lee Resizing Lubricant, be very careful not to contaminate the powder or primers. Other brands are oil based and can have serious, detrimental effects on powder and primers. Because of the stickiness, they also attract grit that can damage the die. 


                             —SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHER BRANDS—



  • Industrial Grade
  • Protect Dies & Cases
  • Will not Degrade Gunpowder


fs reloading recommends:




  • This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, trace Formaldehyde.

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Lee Precision Resizing Lubricant
Lee Precision Resizing Lubricant

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