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Lee Precision Liquid Alox

The 4 oz. bottle of Lee Precision Liquid Alox gives better accuracy because it eliminates leading. The lube coats the entire bullet like a thin jacket and dries to soft, varnish-like finish that really clings. The dried coating does not degrade gunpowder. Easy to apply, eliminates the need for sizing of most cast bullets. While it works well with all cast or swaged bullets better than any other lube, it works best with micro brand bullets, which are designed for tumble lubing. 

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The traditional bullet lubricating methods of placing lube only in the grooves, are inferior to the modern method of coating the entire bullet with Lee Liquid Alox. This places the lube where needed, one the surfaces that rub against the bore. Coat bullets completely, spread onto wax paper and let dry overnight.



FS Reloading recommends wearing, Tipton Vinyl Gloves when using this product


WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm. 

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Lee Precision Liquid Alox
Lee Precision Liquid Alox

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  • Author: Ronald Witte
    This has made bullet lubing easy. I thin it with mineral spirits (paint thinner), just a couple of capfulls and place the bullets in a zip lock bag and with a small amount of mixed lube. It is easy to do a 100 bullets at a time. Spread the bullets on wax paper and let dry over night. I dipped just the nose of loaded soft lead bullets, that had badly leaded my 41 mag after just a few shots, the leading was reduced to very little. Great stuff!
  • Author: robert anderson
    i have used this lube a lot on my cast bullets witch is 38 and 357 mag and it works very very good and i will keep on useing it as long as i keep casting bullets and i will send to all my reloading frinds
  • Author: Joseph Alan Isle
    You sent me a letter offering a sale price of Lee Alox for $4.29, just hit link and all I get is the regular price. I'd of bought it at the regular price but since you got me on here offering a discount and the site renegs on it- no sale- rather spend twice as much with a dealer that says what they mean and means what they say.

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