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Lee Precision Ergo Prime

The Lee Precision Ergo-Prime is a premium hand held priming tool with a ERGOnomic design. Has a powder coated metal body and is sculpted to fit comfortably in your hand, along with a Polished chrome plated, long contoured finger lever which easily installs the tightest primers. Changes primer size quickly, no tools or disassembly required. Simply remove shell holder and swap primer trays.   Uses inexpensive Lee Precision Auto Prime Shell Holders so there is no need to endlessly swap your press shell holders to prime. The tray's built in flipping surface quickly rights and orients primers.

Trays built-in flipping surface quickly rights and orients primers and are sized to fit larger primer boxes. Clear, slide on cover provided for both trays. Patented elevator pin safely isolates a single primer for priming, eliminating the primer brand restriction on prior tools. 

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  • Large & Small Tray
  • Powder coated metal body with Chrome plated lever
  • Elavator pin
  • Clear slide-on cover for both trays


  • Fingertip operation provides sensitivity and comfort especially for old hands.
  • No tools or disassembly required when changing primer size. 
  • Uses inexpensive Auto Prime Shell Holders

  • Powder coated metal body and polished chrome plated lever 


Help for product 90250

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Lee Precision Ergo Prime
Lee Precision Ergo Prime

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Ron Lemke
    In short, it is not perfect but it ain't bad. I rate it 8 of 10. I am a tough
    grader; my RockChucker only gets a 9 of 10.


    The weight and ergonomics are excellent, some of Lee's equipment has
    a cheap plastic feel, this unit does not. Very smooth and effortless action.

    First ding on the design: I thought the square pans were going to be able to
    take a full flat primer tray and inver them with the primer laying flat, nope
    they are a triangular section raises to guide the primer into the feed
    channel. Most of them fit but you still have to play with 2-3 primers. Still
    much better than the old round design.

    Second ding: is for reliable operation of the two stage primer feed operation
    you have the hold the tool only 10-20° up from horizontal. What that
    means in if you have a case in the tool and you are pointing at a wall a line
    eminating from the case would be tilted up 10-20° from horizontal. If you
    do not do this then the primers do not feed consistantly in to the two stage
    operation. What was happening to me was that 2 primers would bet double
    stacked on the first stage ram and lift the plastic cover off the tray, possible
    spilling primers all over. I did not spill any and figured out how to get them
    to feed consistantly.

    Once you get the hang of the angle, it does prime fast with little to no
    fatigue. Again a very smooth action.
  • Author: John from Tx
    Shopped around, read the reviews, decided on the Ergo Prime. Finally got to prime some cartridges this evening and I'm very pleased. I've never been a fan of priming on the press. I really like the tactile feedback of the Ergo Prime; when the primer seats, you can clearly feel it. Primers feed nicely, the tray loads easily. In short it does exactly what it's supposed to do in a very efficient manner.
  • Author: Greg
    I am not sure how this tool rates in efficiency with the others on the market. As far as cost it is cost effective and has a couple of quirks as mentioned above. I am finding with reloading tools sometimes there is a break in period, sometimes an equipment failure issue and sometimes an end user error with reloading equipment. Even with the occasional quirk I am still much more productive using this tool than my press.

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