» » » » » Lee Precision Carbide 3-Die Set .32 Automatic Colt Pistol

Lee Precision Carbide 3-Die Set .32 Automatic Colt Pistol

Lee Precision Carbide .32 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) 3-Die Pistol Set uses a solid carbide insert ground to a special contour that does not leave the objectional belt mark on the cases, common to the ordinary carbide dies. A Carbide Full Length Sizing Die is a must if you are reloading for more than one firearm or reloading cases that were fired in other firearms. No case lube is needed, and you don't have to clean your cases.

Taper crimp dies are used to correct problems caused by the improper expanding plug design or adjustment. They distort the bullet shank and reduce accuracy. The Powder Thru Expanding Die charges the case while expanding the mouth. All of the flare is removed with the Bullet Seating Die. Thus eliminating the need for a tapered crimp die.

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  • Carbide Full Length Sizing Die (shown in image at the right)Lee Precision Carbide Sizing Die Cutaway
  • Bullet Seating Die
  • Powder Thru Expanding Die
  • Universal Shell Holder
  • Powder Dipper
  • Instructions
  • Load Data




  • DO NOT USE more powder than recommended
  • DO NOT USE a heavier bullet than recommended
  • DO NOT SEAT the bullet deeper than normal
  • DO NOT USE magnum primers unless using a slow burning ball powder
  • Greatly oversize bullets, excessively hard bullets or cases that are too long will cause higher pressures
  • High temperatures or cartridges that were stored in a hot car or trunk will produce higher pressures


Ammunition reloading can be dangerous if done improperly, and should not be attempted by persons not willing and able to read and follow the instructions included with each product exactly.

  • Always wear safety glasses when reloading and shooting.
  • Ammunition loaded with these tools should be used in modern guns, in good condition.
  • Children should not be permitted to reload ammunition without strict parental supervision.
  • Primers and gun powders, like gasoline and matches, can be dangerous if improperly handled or misused.
  • We do not accept responsibility for ammunition loaded with these tools, as we have no control over the manufacture and storage of components or the loading procedure and techniques used.

Help for product 90622

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