Lee Precision APP Swage Kit

The Lee Precision Primer Pocket Swager is designed exclusively for the LEE APP press

Now you can swage primer pockets as fast as you can operate the press lever.

Primer pocket swaging is necessary when reloading brass that have crimped primer pockets, most cases used in military or non civilian applications have this crimp. Typical cases on which you will encounter primer pocket crimps are 45 ACP, 223(5.56mm), 30-06, 308(7.62x51), 9mm Luger and special law enforcement 40 S&W. 

The hardened steel swage punch is automatically extracted from the primer pocket by five 400 pound force disc springs. The breech lock die body installs in seconds. 

Primer pocket swaging is so fast you'll want to swage all range brass. Nothing reduces priming problems on a progressive press more than properly swaged primer pockets. With the Lee Primer Pocket Swage Kit, surplus military and police department brass becomes a great, low cost source of cases.


  • Spring assisted case extraction with integrated case guide.
  • Removes the military crimp from the primer pocket while swaging the primer pocket of your brass. 
  • Leaves a nice smooth entry radius for new primer.
  • Easy to adjust
  • No shell holder required
  • Only adjustment necessary is to change primer size.


  • swage push die
  • swage holder
  • push rod
  • small swage punch
  • large punch
  • shell holder adapter


  • This product is for use in the Lee App press only.
  • Formerly known as product # 91582
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Lee Precision APP Swage Kit

Brand: Lee Precision
Product Code: 90237
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Carrier Restrictions: No
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Case Material: Brass
Language: Engllish

  • $41.19

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Help for product 90237
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