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Lee Precision 12 Gauge Load All Nobel 2 3/4

Lee Precision Load-All II Nobel Export is a complete reloading tool for Lee Precision 12 Gauge Load-All II includes 24 shot and powder bushings, bolts, crimp starters, safety charge bar, Spare wad guide, steel sizing ring, aluminum plate, pin, spring and primer guide. Made for Australia and New Zealand Countries. Loads 2 3/4 and 3 inch shells.  This press cannot load 2 1/2" or 3 1/2" shells.

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Calibers: 12G Load-All Nobel 2 3/4
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Country of Origin: United States
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Lee Precision Load All IIThere is a bewildering variety of shot shell reloaders available on the market today with an equally wide range of prices. Some of these machines are wondrous devices to watch in action. However, they also sport wondrous prices with many of them over $1,000 each. Such price levels are not justified for most scatter-gun shooters. We have found a more modest machine is a better match for the way most of us shoot. To meet this need, FS Reloading is pleased to offer the LOAD-ALL II from Lee Precision (shown in the image at right).


Shells produced by the Lee Precision Load-All II not only look better than those loaded on machines costing hundreds of dollars more. They also produce more uniform velocity and patterns. You can load just as fast on a Lee Precision Load-All II as with any other brand.

Twenty-four shot and powder bushings are included free. The bushings alone can cost several dollars each from other manufacturers. And they're not as accurate as those made by Lee Precision. Only Lee Precision supplies molded bushings.

The Load-All II is a time proven tool with hundreds of thousands in use world-wide. In over forty years, we have yet to see one worn out.


  • Bolts (2) with locking nuts and screw (1)
  • Crimp starters, 6 and 8 point
  • Safety charge bar & powder bushings
  • Spare wad guide
  • Steel sizing ring
  • Aluminum plate
  • Pin and spring
  • Primer guide

 FEATURES:Reload up to 200 shells per hour

  • Shot hopper holds over 5 lbs. of shot, enough to load over 125 rounds
  • Built-in primer catcher with an easy-to-empty door right up front
  • Recesses at every station for speedy shell positioning
  • Easy and economical gauge conversion supports 12 gauge16 gauge and 20 gauge shells
  • Adjustable from the standard 2 3/4 shell, up to 3 inch shell


  • At this time, Lee Precision has no plans to produce a Load-All II in 10 gauge, 28 gauge or .410.
  • This press cannot load 2 1/2" or 3 1/2" shells.
  • For extra bushings, order Lee's Charge Bar Kit. Includes Charge Bar & 24 Shot and Powder Bushings


Help for product 90013

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Lee Precision 12 Gauge Load All Nobel 2 3/4
Lee Precision 12 Gauge Load All Nobel 2 3/4

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  • Author: Aram Sargisian
    whats the difference between this unit, then the other 12 gauge all-2 ??
  • Author: Mirodil Mirsagatov
    beside me much orders LEE you will be able to send your goods in Uzbekistan
    my number +99899 8045525

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