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 91551 - Lee Precision 223 Remington PRO 4000 PRESS KIT

Part CodeSubpart CodeDescriptionQty.#Req.Price
PR3691Lee Precision Auto Breech Lock Pro Parts Kit1 REQ.$3.99
PR3691ALee Precision Case Ejector1 REQ.$0.99
PR3691CLee Precision Case Retainer2 REQ.$0.59
PR3691BLee Precision Case Retainer Short1 REQ.$0.49
PR3691ELee Precision Driven Clutch1 REQ.$0.99
PR3691FLee Precision Driver Clutch1 REQ.$0.99
PR3691DLee Precision Spring Attach1 REQ.$0.99
SE2168Lee Precision Funnel Adapter1 REQ.$2.49
AD2299Lee Precision O-Ring 5/8 X .0161 REQ.$0.49
PO3998 223 REM PRO CH TBL1 REQ.$0.64
FT2451Lee Precision #8 X 3/8 Type B3 REQ.$0.49
FO2113Lee Precision 1 1/4 5/16-18 Bolt1 REQ.$0.99
OF3609Lee Precision 1 3/16 Steel Washer1 REQ.$0.99
PM1405Lee Precision 1.6 Powder Measure1 REQ.$0.99
PR2125Lee Precision 1/4" allen wrench1 REQ.$3.99
FT2457Lee Precision 1/4-20 X 3 1/2 TAP1 REQ.$0.49
FQ1869Lee Precision 1/4-20X5/16 Phillips Pan Head3 REQ.$0.49
FT1994Lee Precision 1/4-20X7/16-7/32THIC2 REQ.$0.49
TR2433Lee Precision 3/8 Steel Ball1 REQ.$0.99
FT1970Lee Precision 5/16 x 18 x1 Allen Head Screw3 REQ.$0.59
FP1548Lee Precision 5/16-18 HEX JAM NUT 3 REQ.$0.00
FP2111Lee Precision 6-32 X .25 Pan Head1 REQ.$0.99
PT3526Lee Precision 8 CAV SAFETY PRIME 1 REQ.$0.00
FL1985Lee Precision 8-15X3/4 Phillips Pan Head2 REQ.$0.49
FP2112Lee Precision 8-32X3/8 Phillips Truss Head1 REQ.$0.49
FP3025Lee Precision 8-32X7/8 Hex Head Bolt1 REQ.$1.00
BP3064Lee Precision ASTM1/2X.062 CLR 161 REQ.$1.49
AD1449Lee Precision Actuator Lock1 REQ.$1.49
PR1441Lee Precision Auto Breech Lock Pro Instructions 1 REQ.$1.25
AM3257Lee Precision Auto Drum Housing1 REQ.$11.99
AM3041Lee Precision Auto Drum Molded Parts1 REQ.$4.99
PR3465Lee Precision B OXIDE COLUMN 3 REQ.$0.00
LS1927Lee Precision BIN Bracket 14GA STL1 REQ.$5.99
LN1716Lee Precision Bin1 REQ.$7.99
OF2853Lee Precision Breech Lock Challenger Toggle2 REQ.$4.89
SB2154Lee Precision Bullet Seat Adjustment Screw1 REQ.$4.19
SB2268Lee Precision Bullet Seat Plug .222 Remington1 REQ.$1.99
PR3692Lee Precision Carrier Cover1 REQ.$4.99
PR2118Lee Precision Case Feed Spring1 REQ.$4.99
TP2129Lee Precision Connecting Link1 REQ.$4.99
SD2151Lee Precision Decapper Clamp1 REQ.$3.89
AM3281Lee Precision Drive Hub1 REQ.$4.99
SE1253Lee Precision Drop Tube .22 Caliber1 REQ.$1.99
AM3062Lee Precision Drop Tube X 1.7701 REQ.$2.99
AM3093Lee Precision Gear Sector1 REQ.$21.19
SD2152-DiscLee Precision Hex Lock Ring (Discontinued)1 REQ.$1.49
AM3866Lee Precision Instructions for Auto Drum1 REQ.$1.00
OF3613Lee Precision Lever Clamp1 REQ.$2.99
TP2117Lee Precision Link Bolt 3/8-24X2 REQ.$0.99
FP4184Lee Precision M4-1.79X14MM PHIL1 REQ.$0.49
FB1181Lee Precision Nut 3/8X24 Crownlock2 REQ.$0.99
AD2299Lee Precision O-Ring 5/8 X .0161 REQ.$0.49
SB2155Lee Precision O-Ring 7/16 X .0701 REQ.$0.49
SD2153Lee Precision O-Ring 7/8 X .1034 REQ.$1.59
AM1652Lee Precision O-Ring 7mm ID 1.5mm SEC1 REQ.$1.00
AM1653Lee Precision O-Ring 9mm ID 1mm SEC1 REQ.$1.00
AD2949Lee Precision O-ring 9/16IX.0701 REQ.$0.99
BP3127Lee Precision Plastic Cap1 REQ.$0.49
TP3796Lee Precision Primer Arm Large1 REQ.$20.99
TP1332Lee Precision Primer Arm Small1 REQ.$6.99
TP2120Lee Precision Primer Guide-Large1 REQ.$0.79
TP2119Lee Precision Primer Guide-SMALL1 REQ.$0.49
TP3707Lee Precision Primer Outlet1 REQ.$3.99
TP2123Lee Precision Priming Post(PIN)LG1 REQ.$0.49
TP2124Lee Precision Priming Post(PIN)SM1 REQ.$0.49
OF3221Lee Precision Ram Pin Step1 REQ.$0.49
AM3343Lee Precision Retainer Ring1 REQ.$0.99
SB2252Lee Precision Seat Die Body .223 Remington1 REQ.$14.99
SD2178Lee Precision Size Die Body .223 Remington1 REQ.$25.39
TP2121Lee Precision Spring .020 Wire2 REQ.$1.49
AP1643Lee Precision Wiper (Perfect Powder Measure)1 REQ.$0.99
SE3320Short Charge Die Body1 REQ.$13.98

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