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 90999 - Lee Precision Breech Lock Classic Cast Press

Part CodeSubpart CodeDescriptionQty.#Req.Price
BP3090Lee Precision +Lever1 REQ.$7.49
OF3615Lee Precision +Lock Pin1 REQ.$0.49
FF1428Lee Precision 10-24X1/2 M.S. Steel1 REQ.$0.49
FT3128Lee Precision 5/16-18X3 Hex Head Cap1 REQ.$0.49
FM1371Lee Precision 7/16-20 National Fine Hex2 REQ.$0.99
BP3064Lee Precision ASTM1/2X.062 CLR 161 REQ.$1.49
BP1130Lee Precision Breech Lock CLASSIC Frame1 REQ.$90.99
BP1169BLee Precision Breech Lock Classic Cast Large Primer Arm1 REQ.$6.99
BP1169ALee Precision Breech Lock Classic Cast Small Primer Arm1 REQ.$6.99
BP1175Lee Precision Classic Cast Breech Lock Ram1 REQ.$29.99
BP2888Lee Precision Connecting Link IMPREG &YEL2 REQ.$9.99
BP1178Lee Precision Instructions BL Classic1 REQ.$0.99
BP2777Lee Precision Lever Clamp1 REQ.$1.99
BP2780Lee Precision Lever Sleeve1 REQ.$3.99
BP3000Lee Precision Link Pin1 REQ.$4.99
SD2153Lee Precision O-Ring 7/8 X .1031 REQ.$0.49
BP3313Lee Precision Pivot Pin Blind1 REQ.$4.99
BP2885Lee Precision Pivot Pin Through1 REQ.$4.99
BP3127Lee Precision Plastic Cap1 REQ.$0.49
OF3606Lee Precision Primer Deflector1 REQ.$1.99
TP2120Lee Precision Primer Guide-Large1 REQ.$0.49
TP2119Lee Precision Primer Guide-SMALL1 REQ.$0.49
TP2123Lee Precision Priming Post(PIN)LG1 REQ.$0.49
TP2124Lee Precision Priming Post(PIN)SM1 REQ.$0.49
FT1468Lee Precision Roll Pin 5/64X3/41 REQ.$0.49
TP2108Lee Precision Shellholder Retainer1 REQ.$0.49
BP1427Lee Precision Spacer1 REQ.$3.99
TP2121Lee Precision Spring .020 Wire2 REQ.$0.49
BP2774Lee Precision Toggle IMPREG & YEL2 REQ.$9.99
LM3208Lee Precision Wave Washer .0101 REQ.$0.49
TR2447Lee Precision Wood Knob1 REQ.$2.99

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