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 90649-Disc - Lee Precision Pro Carrier #9 Complete (Discontinued)

Part CodeSubpart CodeDescriptionQty.#Req.Price
90108Lee Precision Auto Index Hex Ratchet Pack of 33 REQ.$1.49
TA2368Lee Precision Hex Ratchet3 REQ.$0.59
TR2446Lee Precision .093 DIA X 1.5 MUS1 REQ.$0.99
FT2139Lee Precision 1/4-20X1 1/4 Phillips1 REQ.$0.49
FT2435Lee Precision 1/4-20X3/4 Allen Head1 REQ.$0.99
TR2433Lee Precision 3/8 Steel Ball1 REQ.$0.99
FT1940Lee Precision 8-32X1/2 Phillips Pan Head1 REQ.$0.49
FT1781Lee Precision 8-32X1/4 Phillips Pan Head2 REQ.$0.49
TR3975Lee Precision Carrier/Shell Holder1 REQ.$19.99
TR2548Lee Precision Case Sensor1 REQ.$2.99
TR2431Lee Precision Drive Bolt1 REQ.$4.99
TR2442Lee Precision Ejector Pin2 REQ.$0.99
TR2439Lee Precision Gear Plate1 REQ.$1.99
TR2164BLee Precision Large Primer Trough1 REQ.$3.99
TR2437Lee Precision P Pin Small1 REQ.$1.99
FO1770Lee Precision Pan Head 8-32 X 1/42 REQ.$0.49
TR2441-Pre2018Lee Precision Pro 1000 Instructions Pre 20181 REQ.$0.99
TR2432Lee Precision Ratchet Gear1 REQ.$2.99
TR2550Lee Precision Sensor Bushing1 REQ.$0.99
TR2549Lee Precision Sensor Clip1 REQ.$0.99
TR2164CLee Precision Small Primer Trough1 REQ.$3.99
TR2479Lee Precision Spring .015 Wire1 REQ.$0.99
TR2434Lee Precision Spring .030 Wire1 REQ.$0.99
TR2443Lee Precision Tension Finger (1)4 REQ.$0.99

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