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 90264 - Lee Precision Classic Loader .45-70 Government

Part CodeSubpart CodeDescriptionQty.#Req.Price
RE1567Lee Precision +374 Decapper1 REQ.$3.99
RE1573Lee Precision +Capper 3441 REQ.$3.99
RE1663Lee Precision +Decapper Chamber 76-321 REQ.$5.99
PM1411Lee Precision 3.4 Powder Measure1 REQ.$0.99
RE1512Lee Precision 45/70 Rifle Body1 REQ.$15.00
RE1539Lee Precision 4675 Bullet Seater1 REQ.$2.99
RE1601Lee Precision Box & Lid Red Plastic1 REQ.$5.99
CH1648Lee Precision Charge Table .45-70 Government1 REQ.$0.99
RE1422Lee Precision Instructions Lee Loader Rifle1 REQ.$0.99
RE1527Lee Precision O-Ring 5/8 X .1031 REQ.$0.49
RE1549Lee Precision Prime Chamber Large Rifle1 REQ.$5.99
RE1525Lee Precision Rifle Lock Nut1 REQ.$0.99
RE1524Lee Precision Stop Collar Rifle1 REQ.$2.99

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