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 90011 - Lee Precision 12 Gauge Load All II

Part CodeSubpart CodeDescriptionQty.#Req.Price
FL2379Lee Precision 10-24 T Nut2 REQ.$0.49
HI-180294Hillman Zinc Pronged Tee Nut 10-242 REQ.$0.39
FL1080Lee Precision Screw #6 X 3/42 REQ.$0.49
HI-70256Hillman Zinc Slotted Hex Head Sheet Metal Screw 6 x 3/42 REQ.$0.29
FT2451Lee Precision #8 X 3/8 Type B2 REQ.$0.49
FL2380Lee Precision 10-24 Round Head Machine2 REQ.$0.49
LA2376Lee Precision 12 Gauge Shell Plate1 REQ.$1.49
LA1049Lee Precision Carrier 12 Gauge1 REQ.$11.99
LA1057BLee Precision Charge Bar & Bushings1 REQ.$4.19
LA1070Lee Precision Charge Table 12 Gauge Load ALL1 REQ.$0.99
LA1067Lee Precision Connecting Rod/Handle to Base2 REQ.$1.49
LA1066-DiscLee Precision Cut Aluminum Square Tube1 REQ.$4.19
LA1068Lee Precision Handle Aluminum PO PL 31 REQ.$5.99
LA1054Lee Precision Hopper1 REQ.$4.99
LA1063Lee Precision LA Base1 REQ.$9.99
LA1057ALee Precision LA-Bushing-Box-Only1 REQ.$1.49
LA1055ALee Precision Load All Hopper Cover1 REQ.$1.99
LA1088Lee Precision Load All Instruction Sheet1 REQ.$0.99
LA1915Lee Precision Load All Spring Guide1 REQ.$1.49
LA1074Lee Precision Main Spring 62 Coil1 REQ.$0.99
LA1073Lee Precision Name Plate1 REQ.$0.99
LA1081Lee Precision Primer Door1 REQ.$0.99
LA3268Lee Precision Primer Guide1 REQ.$2.99
LA1075Lee Precision Primer Guide Spring Load All1 REQ.$0.99
90092Lee Precision Retainer Load All2 REQ.$0.99
LA1078Lee Precision Roll Pin 1/4 X 7/81 REQ.$0.99
FL1157Lee Precision Screw #10 X 1 Type A1 REQ.$0.49
FL1077Lee Precision Screw #6 X 1/4 Hex3 REQ.$0.49
FL1079Lee Precision Screw 6-18X1 1/8 Phillips1 REQ.$0.49
90097Lee Precision Sizer Load All 12 Gauge1 REQ.$4.99
LA1044Lee Precision Standard PRIM Post (PI1 REQ.$1.49
LA1061Lee Precision WAD Guide 12 Gauge2 REQ.$1.49

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