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 90008 - Lee Precision Production Pot IV 220 V

Part CodeSubpart CodeDescriptionQty.#Req.Price
EM1097Lee Precision *Pot/PRO Assembly1 REQ.$7.99
EM3988Lee Precision +valve Knob BO 1 REQ.$1.99
FE1116Lee Precision 7/16-14 Finished Hex2 REQ.$0.99
EM1128Lee Precision 78IN 18/3SJT 105 BLK1 REQ.$1.99
EM1692Lee Precision Aluminum Circular Housing1 REQ.$11.99
EM1121Lee Precision Bearing Clamp (Bushing2 REQ.$0.49
EM1107Lee Precision Bottom PRO Pot1 REQ.$2.99
EM1118Lee Precision Bushing CORD 220V1 REQ.$0.49
EM1115Lee Precision Heater Clamps EP60-A2 REQ.$0.49
EM2065Lee Precision Heater Coil 500W 220V1 REQ.$14.99
EM1142Lee Precision Instructions Melter1 REQ.$0.99
EM1129Lee Precision JUMPER 3 1/2 IN 18GA1 REQ.$0.99
EM1135Lee Precision Knob #1550AX1 REQ.$0.99
EM1131Lee Precision NAME Plate 220V1 REQ.$0.99
EM1496Lee Precision NEW UP PRO IV Front1 REQ.$2.99
EM1962Lee Precision New Base For EM1 REQ.$4.99
FE1122Lee Precision Screw 6X5/8 UNSLOT9 REQ.$0.49
FE1123Lee Precision Screw 8-15X3/4 UNSL2 REQ.$0.49
EM2730Lee Precision Thermostat 220V1 REQ.$8.99
EM1119Lee Precision Valve Lever EP-701 REQ.$1.99
EM1143Lee Precision Valve Rod1 REQ.$2.99

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