Lee Precision 4 Hole Turret Press with Auto Index

The Lee Precision 4-hole Turret Press with Auto Index has a Proven design with compound leverage. No spring in this turret design. The turret is locked into a solid steel ring with big rifle bolt type lugs. Patented design puts the lugs on the circumference so there can be no tipping. The linkage is so powerful that the largest magnum cases are sized with ease.

Effort required is so small that the usual heavy bench is not essential. The Lee Turret Press has built-in primer catcher, longer stroke, more hand clearance and a comfortable roller grip. Even if you do not need all of these features, why pay more for anything less? In fact, you will want a Lee Turret Press even if you already own a more expensive one.

The forth hole in the turret allows you to install your Lee Factory Crimp Die or taper crimp die in the press. When it is time to change calibers, simply lock in a new Lee Precision 4 Hole Turret Turret with another set of dies and begin loading within seconds. 

The auto index on the press is capable of loading cartridges with an overall length of 2.313" or less.

For loading longer cartridges, choose Lee's Classic Turret Press which has the auto index feature with a longer stroke that is capable of loading cartridges with an overall length of 3.313" or less. For both presses anything longer than the above specs, requires the turret to be manually advanced.


  • Turret Press with Exclusive Lift Out & Change Turret
  • Primer Arm for Large & Small Primers
  • Lever Prime System
  • Primer Catcher
  • Auto Index


  • Reloads Rifle & Pistol Ammunition
  • Lift out convenience
  • Hardwood Grip
  • Two Year Guarantee
  • Works with the Lee Safety Prime


  • If you are using the Auto-Disk Powder Measure on this press, the Auto Disk Riser will need to be purchased to provide adequate clearance for the Lee Safety Prime.
  • For more Information & Instructions, click on "Man" Icon.

Photo NOTE:



  • DO NOT USE more powder than recommended
  • DO NOT USE a heavier bullet than recommended
  • DO NOT SEAT the bullet deeper than normal
  • DO NOT USE magnum primers unless using a slow burning ball powder
  • Greatly oversize bullets, excessively hard bullets or cases that are too long will cause higher pressures
  • High temperatures or cartridges that were stored in a hot car or trunk will produce higher pressures

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Lee Precision 4 Hole Turret Press with Auto Index

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