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SHOT Show 2019

SHOT Show 2019

This year I was lucky enough to be able to attend the 2019 SHOT Show, and just like the previous two times I have attended, I enjoyed every second.  Any time I get to go look at and be hands-on with all of the latest and greatest guns and outdoor equipment is a great day in my book. Even though it was kind of a last minute one day trip, I was still able to see a lot of cool things and talk to several great people. I also had time to drool over tons of things I would love and hope to own.

 Our main objective was to visit with our current brands to get a hands-on look at their new products and to find new manufactures to add to our online store. The most enjoyable part of the trip was talking to so many people that share the same passion I do. It was easy to pick out the booths that had corporate salespeople vs the smaller booths where the people are involved with their products and brand development.

 The one person that impressed me the most was Jarrod Grove. He was the Frankford Arsenal rep at the BTI booth as well as being involved in research and development.  It was easy to tell just from talking to him for 30 minutes that he is extremely passionate and truly cares about what he does. I was impressed with several of there new products and really like their new logo design. I am looking forward to testing and using some of their redesigned products like the smaller size tumblers and hopefully getting my hands on their new, very impressive press as well as their electronic scale.

 Just as always there is never enough time to visit all the booths, or see everything I would have liked. There are several new products and brands I hope we will be able to add soon but one that got me excited was possibly adding first aid kits. Not being as young as I once was and doing more backcountry elk hunting, having the proper emergency and medical gear is on the top of my mind.

 Even though it was a short trip with not much planning it was still a blast and got me interested in doing three gun style training and shooting. I hope I will be able to attend next year and have a better plan with more time to explore even more booths.    

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