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FS Reloading is proud to be a Lee Precision Master DistributorONLY LEE DISTRIBUTOR TO STOCK AND SERVICE ALL Lee Precision INC. PRODUCTS AND PARTS

Hi, Im Greg Ehlenbach. Welcome to the FS Reloading Website.

I received my "start" and first sales experience in 1963 gunsmithing and reloading at our local gun shop. Today, there is not one gun shop in the city limits. The last gun shop in our area closed over 10 years ago just as they have in many of your communities.

I live within 35 miles of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a city of over 700,000 people.  You can imagine my disappointment when I wanted to get my oldest son started shooting and reloading and I had to take a half hour drive to the nearest gun shop, only to be disappointed again because they didnt have much of a selection of reloading equipment. This is what inspired the FS Reloading web site. My simple goal is to provide instant access to shooting sports supplies at great prices. Our flag ship vendor is Lee Precision, we can guarantee great service on Lee Precision products, as my business is just a howitzer shot away from their plant. We are proud to be a Lee Precision Master Distributor and offer the entire line of Lee Precision products and parts to our faithful customers.

Here at FS Reloading we understand your reloading needs and vow to bring your supplies to you at the lowest prices possible.

Greg Ehlenbach

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