Lee Precision 223 Remington PRO 4000 PRESS KIT

The Lee Precision Pro 4000 is a true progressive press for less than the cost of a premium single stage press. Includes Lee 3 die Carbide set, shell plate, Universal Case Feeder, Auto-Drum Powder Measure, Safety Prime, everything you need to start reloading.


    • Easy to use with no adjustments.
    • View quick start guide and product instructions.
    • Modular construction allows as much or as little automation as the operator desires with no adjustments.
    • Cartridge changeover in seconds, including primer size with no adjustments.
    • Breech Lock quick change feature in all four positions with no adjustments.
    • Exclusive auto case placer with no adjustments.
    • Through ram primer disposal with convenient built-in primer disposal tube. Includes four colored spline drive breech lock bushings.
    • Includes large and small priming arms. Includes ergonomic, wood grip roller handle.
    • Others charge nearly $50.00 for this comfort feature.
    • Includes hex wrench for caliber changes with built in storage rack for tools.
    • Others charge nearly $30.00 for the tools and storage rack alone!


    • You must make the initial die adjustment into the Breech Lock bushings. Once set, the Breech Lock system allows for instant change.
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    Lee Precision 223 Remington PRO 4000 PRESS KIT

    Brand: Lee Precision
    Product Code: 91551
    Reward Points: 343
    Only Ships to: Selected Countries
    Availability: Out Of Stock - No Backorder

    MSRP: 355.00
    MPN: 91551
    Condition: New
    Country of Origin: United States
    Package Quantity: 1
    UPC: 7343079155138
    Shipping Restrictions: No
    Carrier Restrictions: No
    DOT Regulated: No
    Calibers: .223 Remington, 5.56 NATO
    Case Material: Brass
    Language: Engllish

    • $342.49

    • Price in reward points: 20550
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